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So, situations conspired to make this link dump not happen on Friday, but as I didn’t have book-ish thing to bring you on Monday, I figured that I’d get this up “whenever”. Frankly, after several weeks of having a dozen links ready to go by early in the week, I was scraping to get a full load of links. There are two things at play here, what comes through on Twitter in general (which is variable, and real slim this week), plus my filtering down to the pieces that I think are worthwhile.

On Saturday I attended a meeting for the ChicagoNow bloggers, and we covered a lot of stuff. Would you be happy if I started doing “SEO driven” titles on these? It’s probably because for years I wrote a lot of poetry, but I’ve always favored “evocative” titles rather than bean-counter text. If I was to pull from frequent search phrases, I’d have every title be “10 years job experience” with some sort of identifying coda (I hear tell sticking a colon in there, such as “phrase: phrase” is especially favored by the search algorithms!). But that’s not me. Of course, if somebody was paying me, I’d write the titles however they wanted, but if I had a JOB doing this, we wouldn’t be having this conversation, would we?

Anyway, it was a tough road, but here’s the links I found for you this week:

10 Ways to Use Facebook To Get a Job

The Truth About Lying During a Job Interview

Still Job Hunting Online, Never Hearing Back? Try This!


The Interview Question You Should Always Expect

Stop Looking For a Job, Start Looking for an Opportunity

3 Off-Beat Resume Tips That You Should Know

How to Build a Magnetic Resume and Personal Brand

How To Write An A+ Resume

INFOGRAPHIC: Before LinkedIn, How Exactly Did Our Ancestors Find Jobs?

Facial Flaws Can Scar Your Interview

As always, these have been carefully folded in with the big alphabetical list of all the links I’ve come up with over the past two years … which not only organizes these, but tends to let me find duplicates (which is why there’s only 11 instead of 12 this week) … the .pdf e-book of which can be downloaded here: TJS-LinkList-111111.pdf

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  • Its great to provide these resources to folks, but so many of these are formulaic in nature.

    With many employers only hiring people who are already working, what's the best way of creating that status? Make up your own job/company! Never go the Tripp Consulting route, that's always a dead giveaway for someone who is self-employed or unemployed. No, actually create a shingle with some other folks you know who can be references and take unpaid roles with real titles, like partner, VP Marketing, etc... whatever you need. I know lots of savvy consultants who have maintained a small consulting practice for years just to cover these potential periods of unemployment. You can run your part-time gigs through there, you can sell some project work, and you can get and provide references from your "partners". I've had developers that had no experience in a given technology so I had them do a pro-bono project for me to learn, and then I was able to provide an honest reference.

    Bottom line is there are lots of creative ways to survive in a down market, and it takes resourcefulness and creativity, not just dogged pursuit to make things happen.

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