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A system for success?

Oh, look … a book! So, it’s not a “job search” book per se, but I decided while reading this that I’d be remiss if I didn’t bring it to the attention of The Job Stalker readers. Napoleon Hill’s The Master Key to Riches is an older book, coming out in 1945, and is less... Read more »

Links, Events, and Books that go thump in the night ...

Sorry for letting this slip into Saturday, but I was having to help out with a client’s LiveStream broadcast of an event from out east last night, and by the time that (and the ballgame) was over, I didn’t have the strength to launch into pulling this together for you. Sorry about that. I also... Read more »

More Ways To Economize in the Job Search

Whew … this almost didn’t make it up tonight! A combination of Gordon getting it to me a couple of days early (and thereby rolling a couple of pages back in my Gmail listings – “out of sight, out of mind”) and my being AFK for most of the evening (at that PRSA resume workshop... Read more »

Turning a hobby into a business ...

It’s been a while since I’ve had a book to bring you here, and, frankly, this one is a bit of a stretch. Now, it is about starting a business, but in a very narrow focus. I was back-and-forth a bit with the concept of getting one of the authors to do an e-mail interview... Read more »

Job board scams, the resume grind, and new links ...

OK, so I had a pretty good “Twitter week” and have a full load of links to bring you this weekend (and am pretty close already for next week!). As regular readers know, I’ve had yet another “reversal of fortune” with my freelance/consulting, and not having those hours spoken for (bought), I’ve been back to... Read more »

Event Planning 101

Gordon Dymowski is back with another interesting piece this week. He certainly is on a more aggressive path with the meetings he’s been setting up than I have been, although I suspect this is largely due to his more focused job search providing logical opportunities for this sort of thing than my “big tent” communications... Read more »

Getting out there …

(sigh) Well, regular readers, you may have noticed the lack of a link dump over the weekend … once again, I’d had a “difficult week” and was unable to process as much of my on-going Twitter stream, which meant that I was well short of the number of links ready to pass along to you.... Read more »

Dropping the ball ...

My apologies to readers breathlessly anticipating a new post from Gordon Dymowski today. As I may have mentioned, I’ve been through a bit of a whirlwind the past few weeks, and sort of got confused. Gordon had written a post to fill in for me when I was off on the East Coast, and my... Read more »

More links, and an event ...

Sorry about the links coming through late again. The past couple of weeks I’ve had a coding project that needed to be done by each Saturday night, which has typically ended up in my hands Friday afternoon, so I’ve been working on that rather getting out a Friday post. Of course, while I have a... Read more »

The Plucky Business Card ...

It’s Wednesday, and we have another post from co-Job Stalker, Gordon Dymowski … this time addressing his use of business cards. It was probably a good subject to revisit, since it’s been nearly two years since I did a post on the subject (it shocks me to think I’ve been looking for a new job... Read more »