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Sorry about the links coming through late again. The past couple of weeks I’ve had a coding project that needed to be done by each Saturday night, which has typically ended up in my hands Friday afternoon, so I’ve been working on that rather getting out a Friday post. Of course, while I have a couple of things “in the hopper” I’ve not had any books to bring you on Mondays either (I figures this wasn’t the right venue for Japanese Religion: Unity and Diversity, etc.), so I figured that getting out something in the Friday-Monday zone would work for us both.

I also realize that you probably don’t want to read any Emo “poor me” stuff, so I’ve been holding back a lot on the “personal experience” stories, as of late they’ve all been pretty ugly. However, I can not adequately express how SICK  I am of this job search, which has now entered its 29th month. Damn.

Oh, one thing you might want to check out … the PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) is having its 2nd Annual Resume Workshop on October 26th at Loyola University, down by the Water Tower. This does have a cost, but I trust that PRSA (which also has a very solid job board) will make it well worth the $15 it’s charging for non-members. If you’re looking for some help with that, you might consider attending (I just signed up!).

Anyway, here’s last Friday’s “link dump”, hope you find some of these useful:

Why Where You Live Matters In Your Job Search

Write Off Your Job Hunt!

The 4 Step Process for Closing the Job Search Sale

Jobless older adults key on LinkedIn hub for networking

Where the jobs really are

Interview Guides

How Can Job Seekers Get Résumés Out of Your Trash and Into Your Heart?

Back to Work? 10 Tips for Relaunching Your Career


Intuit: Main Street Added More Jobs in September

How Social Media Can Impact Your Job Offer

15 T-Shirts To Avoid During Job Search

And, as you were no doubt expecting, these have been melded into the “Big List” of all the links I’ve featured here, in alphabetical order (tidied that up a bit too), now running a whopping 45 pages … the .pdf e-book of same can be downloaded here:  TJS-LinkList-111007.pdf

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