Links, Events, and Books that go thump in the night ...

Sorry for letting this slip into Saturday, but I was having to help out with a client’s LiveStream broadcast of an event from out east last night, and by the time that (and the ballgame) was over, I didn’t have the strength to launch into pulling this together for you. Sorry about that.

I also would have had this out earlier today, but I was downtown at a MeetUp function, for a local SEO group, with a presentation by co-Job Stalker Gordon Dymowski, who was talking about building up a “unique voice” for blogs and other on-line posts to help create quality content, and thus boost various SEO elements.

Speaking of events, I got a “quasi-spam” @ note by somebody from Dabble on Twitter. This group appears to be another “meeting organizing” company, only this one specializes in “classes” and the like. What they were promoting was Job Search 101: Bypassing the Black Hole a class that’s happening on Tuesday down at the always interesting Catalyst Ranch. I know nothing about this other than what’s on that page there, and it does cost $20, but it looked interesting enough to pass along here.

Anyway, as I mentioned previously, I’ve been hitting quite a number of good links over the past week, and am already even half-way to having next week’s good-to-go … so hope you find these useful:

The Resume Is Dead. Long Live The Online Profile!

Be Crystal Clear- Show How You Solve a Problem

5 LinkedIn Job Search Tips You Haven’t Heard Yet

Job Interview Preparation Advice

Unemployed Need Not Apply

4 Simple Tools for Creating an Infographic Resume

Millions of Jobs and No Qualified Applicants? How Can That Be?

Why whiners don’t win at work

Big Mistakes Job Seekers Make and How to Avoid Them

Facebook teams with U.S. to help the unemployed find jobs

Job Seekers: Lost in the Shuffle?

How to Land a Good Job in a Bad Market

As always, these have been carefully folded into the ever-growing big alphabetical list, and a .pdf e-book has been generated of all those hundreds of links, which can be downloaded here: TJS-LinkList-111028.pdf

I am hoping to have a book to bring you on Monday. I’m not quite finished with it, so I’ve (obviously) not had a chance to review it yet, but if I can get both of those tasks completed around the various Halloween activities I’ve committed to with my kids, you should have another book feature in this space in a couple of days!

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