Job board scams, the resume grind, and new links ...

OK, so I had a pretty good “Twitter week” and have a full load of links to bring you this weekend (and am pretty close already for next week!). As regular readers know, I’ve had yet another “reversal of fortune” with my freelance/consulting, and not having those hours spoken for (bought), I’ve been back to cranking out the resumes, with another couple of dozen going out this week. For the all the evident futility of doing the resume grind, it only takes one to succeed, so the lure is always there (just like the lottery, only with slightly better odds).

I have, however, been disgusted with running across more scams preying on the jobless. One thing that looked quite plausible this week I first found via the SimplyHired Twitter feed, which referred to a TweetMyJobs posting, which had been seeded with or picked up a listing by 4EntertainmentJobs … only the latter was one of these boards that you have to PAY to get to see the listing. I certainly wasn’t going to fork over $9.95 for a “7 Day membership” to their board just to get a chance to fire a resume off into the void! At least groups like The Ladders will spin a pretty story about exclusive listings, this was simply thuggery. I wonder what sort of scumbags are out there who figure that putting together a database of job listings is a great way to bleed some money out of people who don’t have any income. I sure hope Karma hits them hard.

Anyway, here’s a dozen job-search (and related) links that I found useful:

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Professional Networking – The One That Got Away

Yes, Some Fields Are Still Hiring

Tired of Being Tired

And, as always, these have been folded into the big list of links (now up to 45 pages!) and made available as a .pdf e-book for you convenience, available here: TJS-LinkList-111021.pdf


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