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Hey, I’m back from the East Coast, and, as grueling as the past six days were (once they had me out there, I was pretty much working solid 14 hour days, coding, training, meeting, taking pictures, etc.), it was strangely “relaxing” in a “change of scenery/schedule” way. For the third post in a row, we have a piece by Gordon Dymowski who was apologizing for doing the “link thing”, but I guess you’ll survive having his links now and my links this weekend … I see from the below that he’s taken a bit of a different tack in what to bring you, so I’m looking forward to checking out where those links head off to. Hope you find them useful!

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    I hope all of you will indulge me for this guest post – right now, I’m recovering over an extremely busy week and a half.

Last week, I started a part time freelance position doing some Facebook & Twitter monitoring for a nationally known company right here in Chicago. Thankfully, it’s flexible (well, it’s evenings and weekends, but I’ve selected my shifts carefully), and allows me time to work on other projects (including planning and recording the Zone 4 podcast for Comic Related), continue seeking further freelance and full time opportunities, and spend some time focusing on getting some well deserved rest. (Especially after last week’s Mission: Red fundraiser for the Chicago Red Cross, which basically far surpassed expectations, followed by helping with a Saturday morning meeting…meant two days of rest, relaxation, and web surfing)

So today’s guest post is blatantly plagiarizing a feature of Chief Job Stalker Brendan – sharing a group of links that I’ve found helpful in my own job search, and hopefully, might be practical for you, the reader of this fine blog:

Granted, it’s a thin post this week, but I’ve been busy. Hopefully, my activity will eventually lead to either full time paid work….or a healthy freelance portfolio. Either way, I’m not complaining.

But what do you think? I’m always eager to hear responses, so please leave a comment below. You’re also more than welcome to connect with me via LinkedIn, or check out my various other activities via gordondymowski.com. As always, thanks for reading!


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