A disturbance in the Force …

I suppose I should have saved that title for one of Gordon’s posts, but it seemed appropriate, after all, here was a Friday post showing up on Monday. I actually had the links ready to roll well in time to have gotten this out on Friday, but I had a couple of “need to be done NOW” projects drop in my lap last week, so I was a bit thin on “other” hours, plus most of Saturday went to my volunteering to help with the DownTown Dash “social media scavenger hunt”.

Once again, I didn’t have a book read/reviewed to feature today, so I figured I’d just rotate the links to Monday. And, in the words of Ron Popeil: “But wait, there’s more!” … more disturbance, at least. One of my freelance/consulting clients is flying me out to the Boston area later this week to run a 4-day “bootcamp” on PR, Media Relations, Social Media, and related topics for the volunteer group he’s assembled to do a “webisodic” production over the next couple of months. I used to travel all the time on business when I was with the agency, but I haven’t had a “business trip” in something like three years at this point, and I’m a bit distracted trying to make sure I remember everything I need to get done before I head out. So, I doubt there’s going to be a The Job Stalker post next weekend, and we may just see two of Gordon’s in a row on the next two Wednesdays.

I am about 15% into a book that I think you’ll like, however, and I’m hoping to get that finished up while I’m on the road, so I’m thinking that after I get back things may be back to their usual pattern around here. Anyway … I have a fresh dozen links for you this week … hope you find them useful:

Top 5 Mistakes Job Hunters Make

How to talk to strangers at professional events

Desperately seeking a job, with cookies if necessary

Job-hunting? Facebook, LinkedIn and You –Six Social Media Tips

Be Positive and Get a Job Faster

Job Seekers, Forget About LinkedIn: The Ultimate Guide for Your Twitter Job Search

99 interview tips that will actually help you get a job

6 Tips to Increase Your Chances of Getting an Interview

Think Some Job Seekers Are Just Lucky? You Control Your Job Search Success

‘Unemployed need not apply’ a disturbing trend

The Pocket Resume: Every Job Seeker “Must Have” This Fall

Create the Perfect “Hire Me” Facebook Page: 9 Simple Tips

And, as you were probably expecting, these have been plowed in to the ever-growing “Big List O’Links”, which is available as a handy .pdf e-book (now 44 pages long!), here: TJS-LinkList-110909.pdf
























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