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Stumbling Into Entrepreneurship

Wow … is it late night on Wednesday already … almost let this slip by! I need to get that “set Gordon up to post his own stuff” project moved up the time triage list. Anyway, it is Wednesday (I just got done coding an “image map” for a client’s site that had close to... Read more »

For the older job seeker ...

Hey, Job Stalker readers … I’m hoping that my schedule will start to normalize this week … as you may recall, I was out of town for the better part of a week at a client’s location to run his volunteer team through a “boot camp” in PR and Social Media for a video project... Read more »

If not more chaos, at least more links ...

Hey, I’m back from the East Coast, and, as grueling as the past six days were (once they had me out there, I was pretty much working solid 14 hour days, coding, training, meeting, taking pictures, etc.), it was strangely “relaxing” in a “change of scenery/schedule” way. For the third post in a row, we... Read more »

Are you in the Kobayashi Maru job search simulation?

Hello Job Stalker readers … while I’m out of town for 6 days at a client’s location (revamping their web sites, and doing a social media “bootcamp” for their volunteer group), Gordon Dymowski has volunteered to pick up the slack and come up with an extra post for this weekend … leave him some comments,... Read more »

Insert Clever Title Here ...

I hope that was what Gordon intended to title this piece and wasn’t just a memo to me when I coded this (yes, one of these days we’ll have him set up with direct posting)! I almost missed getting this up today … I need to be out the door in 7 hours to get... Read more »

A disturbance in the Force …

I suppose I should have saved that title for one of Gordon’s posts, but it seemed appropriate, after all, here was a Friday post showing up on Monday. I actually had the links ready to roll well in time to have gotten this out on Friday, but I had a couple of “need to be... Read more »

Thinking it over …

Well, co-Job Stalker Gordon Dymowski certainly hit on a theme close to my heart this week, the issue of being an “older” job seeker. There have been times when I’ve been pretty sure that I didn’t get hired in situations where I was bringing to the table exactly what the company was looking for, only... Read more »

Labor Day sucks when you don't have a job!

I think I mentioned that I didn’t have a book “in the hopper” for Monday, and, while I had links ready to go on Friday, I just wasn’t able to “pull the trigger” on a post then, so I guess you’re getting a mid-weekend post of the job search links. Hey, it’s a long weekend,... Read more »