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Well, it’s been quite a while since I’ve managed a “link dump” … I’m still fighting with the new Chicago Now interface (it’s taking 3x as long as it used to to get a post up!), and the formatting that I’d been doing on these is very difficult to replicate under the new system.

I’ve also not been able to do as much Twitter reading as I’d been doing, which is what generates the links for these … so it’s likely to be taking two weeks to get as many good pieces to pass along as it would were I still making it through all the posts there.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I thought I had a job locked down for right about now, and it seems that that whole situation has completely unraveled … I’m still working freelance on a few projects (I actually have business trip to do some consulting/training next month), but nothing that looks to be evolving into a full-time situation any time soon, so I’m finding myself having to gear back up with resumes, etc. … very depressing, especially given the economy.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve pulled together over the past few weeks, hope you’ll find these of use:

How to Break into an Unfamiliar Industry

The 50 Best Books for the Unemployed

What You Should Never Say in a Job Interview

4 Ways to Follow Up After an Interview

Virgin Founder: Celebrate the Opportunity of Unemployment

7 Reasons You are Never Going to Get a Job

Job Hunting? Don’t Let the Media ‘Paralyze’ You!

The Art of the Winning Handshake

A Twitter Job Search… for Not-so-Dummies

Help! I Can’t Land a Job Interview

A Simple Job Search Tool: Is My Search Broken?

CareerBuilder’s Small Business Job Forecast Points to Improved, But Cautious Hiring in the Second Half of 2011

As usual, I’ve added these into the big list, and the latest version of that is available to download as a .pdf-format e-book here: TJS-LinkList-110819.pdf

I’m hoping to have a book feature to bring you on Monday … have the book read, but I’m still trying to block out time to get the review (or reviews, I have four books waiting) written.


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