Pardon the chaos ...

Pardon the chaos ...

Sorry again for a delay on posting. Frankly, I’ve not been making a smooth transition from the old interface for The Job Stalker to the new one, and especially for the “link dump” what I’d been doing regularly to get these set up here (and in the .pdf document) wasn’t working and I’ve had to work up a whole new “system”, which, so far, is a taking a lot more time than the old one.

Anyway … although this is going up on Sunday night, it could have been up on Friday, as I did have a full set of links ready, this despite having several days last week when all my Twitter went right to the desktop. Obviously, having missed a week meant I had a lot already set to go.

So, here’s the current dozen links for you:

Frankly, I’ve had a bad few weeks. As those following along at home will recall, I had been expecting to have been pulled in on a full-time project by this point on the calendar, and that could still happen. However, what transpired over the past few weeks was that when the VC guys got into serious meetings with the group that I’d been freelancing/consulting with to the tune of nearly 40 hours a week, they expressed an interest in one part of the business and not in others. I was “kept on” but largely to un-do much of what had been done over the past few months, after which my hours went to pretty much zero a week. As far as I know, I’m still “the guy” that they’ll pull in if we’re moving forward, but I’ve had no communication about it.

While I have had a couple of interviews (thankfully) over the past couple of weeks, I’m pretty depressed about being “back to square one” again on the job search.

Anyway, the links have been formatted to work with the “big list”, and I’ve dated this for Friday (since the info was ready by then) … and the “e-book” .pdf file can be downloaded here: TJS-LinkList-110708.pdf

{EDIT} OK … I can’t figure out how to upload a file in this new format … I’ll add it once I either get walked through whatever process is involved, or finagle some way to just link to the document!


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