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OK, got another dozen links for you today.  I have to tell you, though, how hard it is to keep up with the level of Twitter reading that I used to do to get at least this many stories to pass along each week!  Since a large chunk of my hours are “spoken for” these days, it’s a real challenge to “read every post by everybody I follow every day” like I did when most of my hours were spent researching places to fire off resumes to.  Not that I might not be back in that place again (although it’s a great relief to have some income coming in, if not being “a job” as yet), but doing those hours of reading was all part of finding out what was out there, and a solid piece of my job search.  Now it’s on top of the stuff I’m doing for my clients, and harder to get through.

Anyway, I did manage to get these this week (although I probably missed about 3 days worth of Twitter between what’s languishing, captured but unread, on my desktop, and the chunks of time I didn’t manage to grab), and hope you find them useful:

• Body Language Can Make or Break a Job Interview

• No Job Experience? You Can Still Write a Great Resume

• 5 Tips to Help You Land More Interviews

• Making the Most of Job Fairs

• Ten Mistakes that Can Sabotage Your Job Search

• 15 Toughest Interview Questions (and Answers!)

• 5 Crazy Job Interview Tips That Work

• Branding Yourself To Be Headhunted

• 50 Body Language Secrets

• Job Interview Tips – How to Handle Questions About Why You Left Your Previous Employment

• What Recruiters Look for in a Resume

• LinkedIn is About to Put Job Boards (and Resumes) Out of Business

How a Thank You Note Can Land You the Job

Of course, there are those who would argue that ALL that Twitter reading is useless in the job search, but it provides me with a massive amount of information, and certainly has helped me get new levels of networking done.  Obviously, I’m hoping that my current projects will gel into a full-time gig (which is still very likely on the main one), and I’ll not have to be as focused on the job-search stuff as I’ve been for the past couple of years … but until that happens I’m still going to be trying to act as a “research” department for The Job Stalker readers!

As usual, the above links have been added to the big alphabetically-sorted list and out-putted as a .pdf “e-book”, a copy of which can be snagged here: 


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