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While I’m not a “jobs pro”, just another guy “in the trenches” of a job-search war within a really awful economy, I do try hard to make these blitherings of use to those of you out there who read this blog.  And, I’m certainly not above “ego-involvement” in it, so when The Job Stalker gets listed among the best resources on the web, I start feeling like the effort is worthwhile.  Anyway, we just appeared on the list of the 40 Best Career Counselor Blogs for the Brand New Graduate, showing up fifth in their “Job Hunting” category (the list was by “types” and not a ranking per se).  Considering how many HR and “career consultant” types are out there producing “pro” blogs and newsletters, it’s quite nice to have our efforts here given this kind of recognition.  Thanks!

As I’ve been griping about (you noticed, didn’t you), my consulting/freelance hours have seriously shrunk over the past couple of weeks, which has left me more time to work in Twitter reading, so I’ve once again managed to pull together a dozen quality links to bring you … as always, I hope you find them of interest:

• Is the New Career a Perpetual Job Search?

• Interview Cheat Sheet

• 10 Ways To Signal Strength In A Job Interview

• 6 Ways to Show You Give a Damn in a Job Interview

• References: What People Say About You Can Be More Important Than What You Say in an Interview

• Interview Like a Consultant

• Good Attitude Trumps Perfect Skills in Recruitment Process

• 5 Clever Ways to Get a Job Using Social Media

• Impress Hiring Managers by Showcasing Your Strengths

• ‘Overqualified’ workers struggle to find work, employers fear they’ll flee

• Restarting Your Career

• Why the Jobs Situation Is Worse Than It Looks

Of course, you’d  be shocked if it didn’t happen … the above have been folded into the alphabetically sorted treasure trove of job search links, and a downloadable “e-book” .pdf file can be snagged here:


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