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Well, I’m afraid I’m going to subject you all to another round of navel-gazing, as I don’t have anything substantive (well, except for the links below … it is Friday, after all) framed up for this post.  As folks know, I’ve had a lot of consulting/freelance work come through over the past few months, and it was looking like one project was just rolling right on into a full-time job.  I’m not so sure if that’s the case any more.  Without getting into too many details, the company was waiting for the “next round of financing” which would have moved me to full time, supervising a whole group within the organization. While nothing has specifically changed in this, all sorts of other stuff has radically changed, and so I’m back to “fear-based” modes … which is NOT a happy thing.

Despite the fact that I might be brought on full-time for this gig in a matter of weeks, I’m suddenly in a position where I’m back to sending out resumes and pushing out to networking events.  After several months of what looked like a “track to a job” this is very disappointing.

Anyway, “in all the confusion” I did manage to rustle up a dozen good job-search articles off the web via my Twitter reading.  As usual, I hope you find these useful …

• Networking for Introverts


• What You Don’t Know About Networking

• Keep Your Job Search Eyes Open

• Want To Be “Headhunted”? Here’s How!

• 5 Reasons to Volunteer While Out of Work

• New skills necessary for today’s job market

• An Open Letter to the Young & Unemployed

• The Best Way to Take Control of Your Job Hunt

• 5 Tips to Increase Job Search Odds

• How A Blog Can Help Your Job Search

• Temporary Workers Lead the Job Market Recovery

Of course, while on “the usual”, I’ve sorted these into the Big List O’Links, and updated the handy .PDF e-book where all the links listed here over the past couple of years are alphabetically listed for your browsing convenience … your very own copy of this week’s iteration can be downloaded here:


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