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A Networking "How-to" ...

Well, co-Job-Stalker Gordon Dymowski came up with a goodie this week … his reflections on networking, both his own experiences with the subject, and something of a how-to for its implementation. As I’ve frequently pushed here, networking should be an essential part of not just job-seeking (but it is a key element there), but in... Read more »

Taking delivery of a clue ...

I feel bad that I’ve not had more “job search” books to bring you here, but the stream of unsolicited review copies that had been keeping the Monday slot of The Job Stalker stocked for many months has dried up to a large extent, and so you’re left hanging for what I voluntarily get read... Read more »

Well, isn't that nice ...

While I’m not a “jobs pro”, just another guy “in the trenches” of a job-search war within a really awful economy, I do try hard to make these blitherings of use to those of you out there who read this blog.  And, I’m certainly not above “ego-involvement” in it, so when The Job Stalker gets... Read more »

Gordon Dymowski: Training

© Gordon Dymowski Well, here we go with what I’m hoping to be an every-Wednesday contribution to The Job Stalker blog by Gordon Dymowski.  He certainly brings a different view to the issues surrounding the job search, with his background in (and passion for) non-profits, which has him highlighting things that would likely have never... Read more »

Guest post: Ford R. Myers

I’m hoping to have another book to feature in here next week, but I figured I’d pass along something from one of the authors we’ve interviewed previously, Ford R. Myers.  This is a recent piece that he sent out and I thought it was well worth your time.  You’re going to have another “guest post”... Read more »

Oh ... ooops!

Ya know … I had something good-to-go for Monday, but it wasn’t really a “book thing” so I was iffy about using it, and then I heard from Gordon that he wasn’t going to have something ready for Wednesday, so I figured I’d use the thing I had sitting here (another “guest post”) for that. ... Read more »

Links and musings ...

Well, I’m afraid I’m going to subject you all to another round of navel-gazing, as I don’t have anything substantive (well, except for the links below … it is Friday, after all) framed up for this post.  As folks know, I’ve had a lot of consulting/freelance work come through over the past few months, and... Read more »

Considering "Job Clubs" ...

We’ve got another entry from “co-Job Stalker” Gordon Dymowski today.  Interestingly, he’s taking up the subject of “job clubs”, a concept that I’d just encountered in reading the Mark Bolles book that I covered last week.  Needless to say, I found this of interest, and I hope you will too! — One of my greatest... Read more »

Nothing to see here ...

{EAV_BLOG_VER:16ae59ca7306d773} Hi … just doing some “housekeeping” connected to the new “social game” Empire Avenue … got pulled into this by a client! They need to see if you really are the person behind the blog, so they issue this bit of code and have you put it at the start of a post.  Kinda... Read more »

Guest post: Harvey Mackay ...

I get a handful of job-search and related newsletters in my mailbox each week, and every once in a while I see something that I feel is worth going back to the author and asking if I can re-use it for The Job Stalker.  This was one of those times, and Mr. Harvey Mackay was... Read more »