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Hey there, The Job Stalker readers … I realize that there’s been a big gap here.  I don’t know if it’s just a low-level depression messing with my long-standing daily habits, or just the conflicts presented by a bunch of (some paying) projects, but I’ve been so “out of the loop” for things applicable to this blog that it’s been hard for me to get any traction at all on finding stuff to write here.

However, I was feeling bad about not checking in, so here I am again with some navel-gazing blitherage.

Probably the most telling thing over the past couple of weeks is the drastic cut-back on my Twitter reading.  As regular readers know, I get the vast majority of my data for all things job-related via Twitter, and I’ve just not been able to squeeze out the hours for it (or, more frustratingly, fall asleep at the computer when trying to get caught up).  I have on my desktop “saved” Twitter (when I back up as far – 800 Tweets – as Twitter will let me) screens from seven of the past 14 days, and the last two (over the weekend) I had so little time at my computer that I didn’t even have a chance to “grab” the Tweets, let alone read them.

Frankly, I could have done (and had been planning to do so) a “link dump” post this past Friday, but I got called on to shoot a video of a two-hour workshop on the northwest side Friday evening (for the project I’m involved in), and by the time I got done with that and back home, I was “asleep at the keys” within a half-hour of getting settled in at the computer!

I had considered doing that post today, but am backed up on 2-3 other things here (and it takes a chunk of time to get those links ready to post and add to the e-book), so I’m thinking I’ll let it slide another week till this Friday, at which point I’ll hopefully have some more links.

I’m hoping to have something to bring you on Wednesday, be it somebody wanting to “guest post” in here or doing a “borrowed” guest post from somebody you’ve heard from before.   Again, I am rather sensitive to the fact this blog is intended to be about the job search and I do try to bring you material that I would have found useful, so (except for posts like this one!) I make an effort to avoid “random filler” just to have something up on ChicagoNow on a given day.

As noted previously, I’m very likely to have one of my projects turn into a full-time gig in June or sometime soon after (depending on the next round of investment … and I’ve “been to that rodeo before” and am not particularly holding my breath on that coming through, but still hoping), so much of my attention has not been on the regular grind of the job search.  If you think you (or somebody you know) would be good at writing The Job Stalker, I’m certainly open to looking at either handing over the reins, or even phasing in somebody (with them posting 1-2 times a week) here!

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