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I really wish I had some good excuses to make aside from “I’ve been busy” that I’ve not been writing in here, but that’s pretty much the core of it.  The project that was, back in December, looking to take up about a quarter of my time has almost gotten to be 8 hours day.  Obviously, if I’m “billing out” 40 hours a week, I might well be considered employed at this point, although the dollars are not what they need to be as yet and there are no benefits.  As I’ve noted, this has the very strong potential of moving over to a “real job” in the next month or so, so we’ll see.  Of course, I’m also consulting on two other projects (neither paying at the moment), so the amount of “free time” that I have for keeping up on the job hunt, doing research, and writing blogs (my personal blog has been even more quiet than this has) is rather scant at present.

So, rather that bring you a half-list of links last week, I opted to wait and get a list together for today.  My Twitter reading has been very intermittent, with some days catching everything, and some days getting nothing read (I do have a desktop full of “saved” chunks of Tweets that I am unlikely to find the time to get to ever).  I do anticipate having more next Friday, however, as a I had quite a few in the text file in which I collect them, and only pulled out about 2/3rds of what was in there for today.

I’m also pushing to get done with a book that I can’t wait to talk about on Monday … I do hope to have that read and reviewed in time to bring that to you then.  In the meanwhile, here’s this week’s links, hope there’s stuff you find useful in here:

• Make a Job Hunt Business Card You Can Be Proud Of

• Six Social Media Blunders that Sink a Job Search

• Three-in-Five Workers Who Were Laid Off in the Last Year Found New Jobs

• Can Blogging Help You Get a Job?

• The First Question You Should Ask for Any Interview – Job Interview Questions

• How Do I Find A Job In Today’s Economy?

• 8 Easy Ways to Network on Twitter

• Looking for a social media job? Here are 5 key reminders

• How to Stop Your Resume from Becoming Spam

• How Long Should Your Résumé Be?

• One-Stop Career Centers

• Unload the Resume Shotgun: 12 Steps to a Targeted Job Search

I was anticipating having a piece from Gordon this week, but we seemed to have missed each other on that, but I’m hoping to have something from him for Wednesday.  One of the things we’ve discussed is sketching out something of an “editorial calendar” so that we’ll know who’s on deck when for bringing posts to you.

Anyway, as you no doubt expected, this week’s links have been merged into the big 39-page .PDF e-book, which can be downloaded here:


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  • That 3-in-5 is a little misleading. For "real" unemployment, people who've been out of work too long are in terrible shape. The official figures for April say half of unemployed have been for 20.7 weeks (and half more), while the average time is 38.3 weeks, almost TWICE as long. It takes a bunch of really term-term up the creek people to give numbers that warped.

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