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Hey, figured I’d make a post just to make a post, being that I had nothing “in the hopper” for my Wednesday feature this week, but didn’t want to have a gap in the middle of it.  Unfortunately, except for the “link dump” for Friday, I don’t have much lined up at the moment.  Even my reading has taken a bit of a swing into the non-business zone (I’ll “stretch” to get things that interest me in here, but somehow I don’t think I can spin Jung’s “Synchronicity” into a job-search context!), so I don’t have anything coming on Monday other than either more “tap dancing”, or possibly shilling for assorted “e-books” I keep stumbling over on the web.

Of course, (good for me) much of the reason of not having as much stuff to bring you here is that a LOT of my hours are getting purchased by various clients.  It’s not a “real job”, but getting a third to a half a paycheck is better than staring into the inevitable financial abyss.

I was off at a networking event this morning, the 10th of the Chicago Social Media Breakfasts.  These are an interesting program, where 5 topics are set up, and you buy a seat at a table to discuss that topic.  Today we were down at the Sax Hotel (by the House of Blues), and had a meeting room with tables of 10, but there have been others in this series with as few as 6-8 at each table.  Obviously, the small format makes for good, lively conversation, but it also makes it hard to “scale up” … and they’ve had these sell out in as little as 20 seconds on EventBrite!  This time they tried giving first crack at the seats to folks on their mailing list, but this has the downside of these potentially ending up with “the usual suspects” each time.

I don’t know if it’s the season, or if I’ve just become more particular as to the sort of event I head out to, but I’ve been having a harder than usual time of making my minimum of 2 networking events per week.    Things like this morning are great, but I’ve been finding the “cocktail hour” sort of get-together far less useful for any meaningful “getting to know you” for business (job-search) purposes.

Anyway, that’s all I have today.  I even was looking at pulling in one of those “guest posts” for this, but nothing that had come across my desk looked like something you’d find particularly useful (and I do make an effort to not bring you “random filler”, at least stuff that isn’t me blithering).  Look for links on Friday …

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