It's Friday, no foolin' ...


Wow, it’s Friday again, huh?  I have to admit that, aside from the worry, lack of cash, and despair that’s still hovering around me, my days look a lot more like they’re being occupied by a “freelancer” than a “job seeker”, as one of the projects I’ve been working on (the one that’s paying me), has expanded from about a quarter of my time to somewhere around half, and the other project still keeps chugging on, maybe taking up another quarter of my time … which means that there’s not that many hours left for me to be “actively” looking (in terms of getting resumes out, etc. – I’m still doing a lot of networking) for a job, a fact my Wife rather pointedly queried me about recently.

I have, however, been managing to pretty much keep up with Twitter, which means that I’m not letting you all down for these end-of-the-week “link dumps”.  I have a system down that lets me get a full day’s worth of my Twitter stream (assuming I’m around my computer to “harvest” them) captured and read in about 2 hours total (although I usually end up falling asleep at my desk “catching up” on that in the post-Midnight hours!).

Anyway, pulled out a dozen good pieces this week, including some “encouraging news” on some economic fronts … hope you find these useful:

• Milestones for a Successful Job Search

• Job Seekers – Not Online? Think Again.

• 101 Other Things You Can Do While Looking For A Job

• Christmas in July

• 10 tips to ace your next job interview

• 10 Differences Between the Job Search of Today and of Yesterday

• The Simple Secret To Identifying Your Strengths

• 10 Signs of a Healthy Job Search

• 7 Ways to Use Facebook for Your Job Search

• How to Ask Why You Didn’t Get The Job

• Monster Employment Index Continues to Grow: March Index Sees 9%

• The hiring outlook hasn’t looked this good in three years

And, wouldn’t you be shocked if I hadn’t merged these into the Big List O’Links and out-putted that as a new version of the .pdf e-book?  Of course you would … luckily I did, and it’s available here:


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