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OK, so I’m being cranky.  However, it does bug me that most of the searches that find this blog end up pulling up pieces that the previous Job Stalker wrote, nearly two years ago!  We get a daily report on these, so I see what search terms are getting people in here, but do you really want to have every post in here have something like “10 years experience” or the like (some variation of that’s in almost every report, and it keeps pulling up one of Julie’s old entries!)?

Again, I’m not complaining, but I’ve had a lot of freelance/consulting work of late, over 40 hours in the past 7 days on the one project that’s actually paying me, and about half that on another that’s not, so I’ve not had a lot of time to concentrate on the erstwhile job search.  Let me reiterate: I’m very happy to finally be seeing some income … but it’s still not “a job” yet (I have 3 projects which “could” turn into full-time gigs), something that my Wife keeps reminding me.

Anyway, due to my new “Twitter reading system” I’ve been doing an O.K. job at keeping up with that info flow (although I may miss an hour’s worth here and there), and so have been able to at least find stuff to share with you here.  As always, I hope you find these of use …

• Imagine A World With Zero
Unemployment: It’s Easy If You Try

• Oh Go Job Yourself! Here’s How.

• 9 good signs for job growth

• 6 Tips for Successful Networking

• Fear Will Cripple Your Job Search

• Is Working From Home Becoming the

• How To Explain You Got Fired From
Your Last Job and Other Job Seeking Hurdles

• 10 Great Job Blogs

• Young, Educated, and Unemployed: A
New Generation of Kids Search for Work in their 20s

• New Jobless Claims Down 10,000 Last

• Five Reasons You’re Not Getting
Job Interviews

• Zap Your CV: Eight Tactics to
Reboot Your Resume

• 7 Secrets to Making Employers Find

And, of course, I’ve added these to the big alphabetical list and churned that out as yet another permutation of the .pdf e-book, which you can download here: TJS-LinkList-110408.pdf


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  • OK, first, you need to fix your TITLE tags. That's a huge SEO reason why the wrong people are finding your blog...

  • In reply to jasoneg3:

    Unfortunately, the individual bloggers on the site don't have that level of control ... we have a field to put in a title, and field to put in our text (plus fields for tags and keywords). All other inputs come from ChicagoNow management.

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