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this Wednesday “industry” entry. This is by Kelly Austin of which says they exist to “provide you with the
resources you need to increase your income”. When Ms. Austin first
queried me about doing a piece here, it was about changing careers
after 40, and I asked her if she could re-work that with a focus on
getting back into the workforce. Here’s what she has to say on the


Finding that New Career After 40
by Kelly Austin

Whether you have been a house wife for most of your life or have been switching from dreadful job to dreadful job, 40 is not too old to start a career. At this point in your life, you still have your whole life ahead of you and you should spend that time doing a career you love. There are a few things you should do, however, to optimize your chances of landing a job. Remember that employers cannot deny you a job because of your age, this is against the law. So don’t worry about this. Follow these few tips to help you get started in finding the new career of your dreams.

Going Back to College

If you have not been able to land the career you want in your life because you didn’t receive the proper education, now is the perfect time to go back to school. If you think you don’t have the money to go back to college, try going to a community college. Those are usually pretty cheap and plenty of financial aid is available. Adult learners can also receive different scholarships from colleges and online scholarship providers. You may have to fill out some scholarship applications, but you may be able to get some extra money that way.

Updating Your Resume

If you have been in the same job for a long time or have never had a job, you will need to either create or update your resume. You should not give an outdated resume to an employer. Your newly updated resume should include knowledge you have acquired throughout the years, skills you have learned from your current job, and any other relevant information. If you have been a house wife all of your life, you can still create a resume that outlines important skills and character traits you have. Express your interest to learn new things.

Finding a New Career

Since you have had your whole life to find out what you enjoy and don’t enjoy doing, you probably have a better idea about what kind of career you want than someone fresh out of high school. Think about the things you enjoy the most and make a career out of it. Your career should be something you are truly passionate about. If you have to, take a career aptitude test online to see what kind of careers best fit your interests and talents. Then check your local listings both online and in your local newspaper for careers in your area.

40 years old is not too old to change your current career or to go from a house wife to a business woman. Just find what you are passionate about and go for it. Represent the amazing qualities and skills you have learned over the years and show how these will help you succeed in your new career.

This article was written by Kelly Austin from Visit her site for information about the average medical administrative assistant salary and pay information for other popular careers.

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