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What?  It’s Friday again?  So soon?  Yeah, I missed two posts, having had nothing “bookish” to offer up on Monday nor anything “industryesque” to feature on Wednesday, and being “all full up” with billable hours on freelance/consulting projects (which is a Good Thing, of course), I opted to go silent rather than sleepily tap-dance through a post.  I did … no, really! … I did try to find some guest posts or other material to stick in those slots, but could not come up with anything that wouldn’t be obvious lame “filler”, so rather than waste your time, decided to just let things slide.

As it happens, I was fairly thin on the job search links this week too, so I’m not getting this one written until late on Friday, having had to plow through some “stacked up” Twitter reading to find the last couple of links to bring you.  Over the past week I’ve had to just “save my Twitter” to my desktop several days, so I’m lucky that I was able to find a good dozen pieces for today.

Which brings me to the links … again, I end up reading a lot of stuff that I’ve just been meh about, and those don’t make it to the list … but it does seems like there have been a lot of pieces on how to handle interviews showing up of late.  Hope these prove useful:

• The Top 50 Job Hunting Blogs

• A 6-year old’s kick-butt cover letter

• What to Consider When Writing Thank You Notes

• 3 Ways to Ask For Job Hunting Help–And Get It

• Blech, I Hate Job Hunting. Top 5 Turn Around Tips!

• Body Language Can Make or Break a Job Interview

• How to Optimize Linkedin for Job Search

• How to Survive Weird Interview Questions

• 3 Rules for Effective Informational Interviewing

• Illinois jobless rate dips to 8.8% in March

• 7 secrets for a smarter job search

• Job Interviews: Tips for Turning an Interview into an Offer

As regular readers will no doubt expect, these have been merged into the ever-growing Big List O’Links and out-putted as an e-book which can be snagged by clicking here:


By the way, I’ve not been out to many networking events of late (I’ve had to choose between as many as five events some nights, which cuts down on the total that I’m actually able to get to!), but I’ve found myself helping to run one.  ClickVision.TV is one of my current clients and they’ve just spun their Tuesday-night web talk show out of the studio and into a live-audience setting, and you can get free tickets for this (up at the Orrington Hotel in Evanston, just 3 blocks from the Davis stop on the CTA’s Purple Line) from EventBrite via the link on this page.  Odds are I’ll be there as well!

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