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Going out of sequence ...

Hey, loyal readers … sorry for no post on Friday.  Which means no links for Friday. Which means no update to the Big List O’Links (although you can grab the latest version here: TJS-LinkList-110422.pdf).  While I’ve not landed a full-time position, most of my time is “spoken for” (and much of it, thankfully, “purchased”) these... Read more »

Guest post: Ford R. Myers (again)

So, I had two other things that I thought I was going to be able to feature in today’s post, but both of them fell by the wayside as the day progressed.  Fortunately, my in-box had another interesting feature from a previous guest, and I figured this would work for today. I know I’ve not... Read more »

A look to the future?

Here’s another book that’s really not about the job search, but IS about where business is going.  I figure that this is useful in terms of giving folks a look at what to expect from those doing the hiring.  Anyway, How Companies Win: Profiting from Demand-Driven Business Models No Matter What Business You’re In  by... Read more »

I've been told I read too much Twitter ...

OK … so another week where I’ve been almost full-time between various projects.  It’s great to have folks “buying my time”, but I’m not used to the freelance/ consulting thing and the concept that I could be back to zero at any given moment hovers heavily overhead!  Fortunately, the one that’s sucking up the most... Read more »

Guest post: Kelly Austin

Sorry about no post on Monday … I’ve got a “borderline” on-topic book that I’ve read, but haven’t had a chance to crank out the review, so I guess you’re going to have to wait for next week on that. Once again, I’ve been swamped with hours on various freelance/consulting projects (thankfully), and have not... Read more »

Choosing absence over pointlessness ...

What?  It’s Friday again?  So soon?  Yeah, I missed two posts, having had nothing “bookish” to offer up on Monday nor anything “industryesque” to feature on Wednesday, and being “all full up” with billable hours on freelance/consulting projects (which is a Good Thing, of course), I opted to go silent rather than sleepily tap-dance through... Read more »

Insert SEO-friendly title here ...

OK, so I’m being cranky.  However, it does bug me that most of the searches that find this blog end up pulling up pieces that the previous Job Stalker wrote, nearly two years ago!  We get a daily report on these, so I see what search terms are getting people in here, but do you... Read more »

Sometimes it's just wheels spinning ...

Hey, figured I’d make a post just to make a post, being that I had nothing “in the hopper” for my Wednesday feature this week, but didn’t want to have a gap in the middle of it.  Unfortunately, except for the “link dump” for Friday, I don’t have much lined up at the moment.  Even... Read more »

For if dreams die ...

I had great hope that this book was going to be something that would be presenting a “gameplan” for folks looking at entrepreneurial options.  As I’ve mentioned, I have a number of friends, who (like me) have been unable to find jobs for extended periods of time, and have opted to develop their own companies. ... Read more »

It's Friday, no foolin' ...

Wow, it’s Friday again, huh?  I have to admit that, aside from the worry, lack of cash, and despair that’s still hovering around me, my days look a lot more like they’re being occupied by a “freelancer” than a “job seeker”, as one of the projects I’ve been working on (the one that’s paying me),... Read more »