Some links to get you through the weekend ...


Wow … sort of had a “last minute”
situation here today, as I didn’t snag the last few of these until
late in the day. I’d been distracted by (paying) projects this week,
which is a Good Thing, of course, but it meant that I didn’t have
much time to spend communing with Twitter. I “caught” most of
it, but for about 36 hours, I’d simply “stacked” tabs full of
tweets in my browser, anticipating getting to them “later”. I
should have saved those to the desktop, since I ended up with
Chrome freezing on me, and the problem with keeping Twitter open in
tabs is that each of those “starts fresh” when you restart the
browser, so I lost all of that. Fortunately, I ran into a good chunk
of job search things on Friday, which let me get up to a dozen things
for you here (when I was afraid it was going to be closer to six or

Hope you find these of interest …

• Job hunting goes social


• The Secret to Networking? It May Surprise You.

• 5 Ways to Break Through the Clutter and Land Your Dream Job

• Often Overlooked Job-Search Opportunities

• Post-Interview Follow-Up Strategies

• How to Quickly Recover From Bad Job Interviews

• Fire Up your Job Search by Broadcasting Strengths!

• It’s Story Time: Telling Tales Can Get You the Job

• Should You Always Take A Recruiters’ Advice?

• Why I Won’t Read Your Cover Letter

• The Truth About Resume Lies

• Resume writing mistakes that ruin your chances

This week’s been busy, between the
freelance work I’m doing on ClickVision.TV, the consulting work I’m
doing for P2PMicroversity, and a major school project I’m helping my
younger daughter with, I’ve been running like crazy. I’ve also been
trying to get caught up on some reading (my “numbers” were down
in January because of that huge Second Life project), and hopefully
have things lined up so there will be book features each of the next
several Mondays (heck, I already have an Author Interview in my
in-box for the 28th!).

Speaking of books … the above links
have, as you were no doubt expecting, been merged into the “Big
List O’Links” and a handy .pdf e-book of same is available here:


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