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The list o'links is back ... As noted previously, my schedule is almost back to usual, except that I have two on-going projects competing with my job-search time. I’m not complaining, of course, as one of these is actually bringing in a quarter of a paycheck (they’re “buying” 40 hours of my time a month at the moment), and the... Read more »

Guest Post: Ford R. Myers ...

Again, I’m just getting enough time freed up to get back into writing The Job Stalker, and I’ve not had a chance to “get stuff in the hopper” such as interviews, etc. However, the following piece came in to my e-mail this week, and as I’ve used Ford Myers’ materials in a “guest post” in... Read more »

Back with a book ...

Well, as noted in my last post here, I got tied up with a humongous freelance project over the past month and a half, and as it progressed it went from taking up 8-10 hours a day to as much as eighteen hours per day.  Needless to say, I had very little time for anything... Read more »

Did you miss me?

Sorry about the long gap with no posts.  As I’d mentioned in my last post here (a bit over a month ago), I was very much under the gun on a major freelance project that had suddenly come my way, and was doing lots of long days on that.  Well, that turned into The Project... Read more »