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Yes, it does seem like I’ve fallen
off the edge of the planet. I realize that. However, that freelance
project that I mentioned on Friday has been eating up all my hours (I’ve been cranking out graphics about 12 hours a day this past week),
and I’ve not been able to do anything to get stuff ready for this
blog. Heck, I’ve not even been able to read any Twitter this past
week (although I’ve been “saving” a lot of it to my desktop).

As regular readers know, I’ve been
“pounding the pavement” for over 18 months now, and have just had
a “near miss” on a very good job, so the prospect of a couple of
hundred hours of freelance work just in time for the holidays has,
understandably gotten my attention! I’m going to have to beg your
indulgence for this next week or so (it’s a very intense, but
short-term project) as I’m likely to have very little to bring you

I did, however, run across this graphic (here) today:



… which is pretty depressing, but
pretty much confirms how grim things have been on the job search.
Hate to bring a big blob of negativity in here, but figured this was
too important not to pass along.

Anyway … I’ll try to say “hey” in
a few days, but at this point I don’t even have a single article for
what would be Friday’s link dump, so you may have a while without
much of my verbiage here.

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