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My apologies to those who might be out there, waiting with bated breath for the pearls of wisdom to be cast out in the form of this blog.  My week has been rather hijacked by a paying project, and so instead of working on my own job search, I’m pushing pixels around as part of a virtual world assignment.  I’ve spent 10-12 hours on each of the past several days on that, so my time for other things (heck, I only remembered about getting this out at 10pm tonight) has been a bit thin!

Before this project got green-lighted (and the client really wants this “done yesterday”), I had at least been able to extract a decent list of links from my Twitter reading.  I must admit, as exhausting as what I’m working on is, it’s nice to have some paying work in front of me, and this is just one of four potential sources of freelance assignments I currently have on my plate.  I’ve never much considered doing the freelance thing (as I’ve explained previously), but if I can get a “quarter of a job” from each of four or five clients, the I guess I could make that transition.  It has been nice to have this stuff sweep in on my schedule so soon after that very disappointing “close miss” on the Marketing Communications gig that I was so hopeful about last month (oh, by the way, I finally got the “official word” from the HR group there: the letter had been written on 11/10, but not mailed until 11/30, a SNAFU that explains my three weeks in limbo!).

It looks like I’m going to be pretty solidly booked with this graphic project for the next week at least, so enjoy the links this week … it may be pretty lean next Friday!

• A Cover Letter is a Sales Presentation of You

• Job Seekers Find Bias Against The Unemployed

• A Message For Recruiters – I Strongly Dislike Recruiters

• Job Search During The Holidays

• Don’t Name Your Resume, “resume” & Nine Other Head-Smacking Tips for Job Seekers

• 14 Job Interview Disasters

• Steer Clear of Interviewers’ Pet Peeves

• Jobseeker, are you invoking “The Law of Subtraction”?

• 6 Ways to Score a Job Through Twitter

• How to Beat 8 Job-Search Time-Wasters

• 10 Reasons to Step Up Your Job Search Over the Holidays

• Being Thankful In Your Job Search?!

• Selling Yourself in the Job Interview

As usual, these have been folded in to the big alphabetically-sorted “list o’Links” and cranked out as a .pdf e-book, which you can snag a free copy of here: 


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