A book, but no review ...


Hi.  I’m still doing 10-14 hours a day “pushing pixels” on that freelance project (which is great to have right now, trust me), and I’ve not been able to do any of what I’ve usually been doing, including getting things together for this blog.

Over the weekend, however, I did get to read some Twitter, and one thing I noticed was a post from @TimsStrategy about a new book that he has coming out in paperback, which is a new version of an e-book that he’s had available for download elsewhere on his site.

You may recognize Tim from being the source of frequent entries in the Friday link-dumps here and the on-going “big list o’links” e-book (click for the 12/03/2010 edition), so I figured I’d check out what he had written in his 30 Ideas: The Ideas of Successful Job Search.  Again, I don’t have a whole lot of time at the moment, so I’ve not had a chance to actually read this, but it looked like it’s certainly worthwhile, and I figured I’d pass along the info.

Tim has been very considerate in keeping up the link to the free downloadable version of this book on his site (and you should at least take advantage of that), but if you can afford it, getting the print version would be a nice gesture!

I’m likely to be still swamped by this current project until the middle of next week, so I’m going to be “off schedule” for a while.  Hope to be able to add something here before too long!

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