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P4A: Best Friends Animal Society

Hey … I’m still under a massive time crunch with that big freelance project I’m working on, but I wanted to get out a post today as part of “Project for Awesome” which is, if nothing else, a meme traveling through the ChicagoNow community for this Friday’s posts. I’d like to point out one of... Read more »

A book, but no review ...

Hi.  I’m still doing 10-14 hours a day “pushing pixels” on that freelance project (which is great to have right now, trust me), and I’ve not been able to do any of what I’ve usually been doing, including getting things together for this blog. Over the weekend, however, I did get to read some Twitter,... Read more »

Uh ... hello?

Yes, it does seem like I’ve fallen off the edge of the planet. I realize that. However, that freelance project that I mentioned on Friday has been eating up all my hours (I’ve been cranking out graphics about 12 hours a day this past week), and I’ve not been able to do anything to get... Read more »

At least there are links ...

My apologies to those who might be out there, waiting with bated breath for the pearls of wisdom to be cast out in the form of this blog.  My week has been rather hijacked by a paying project, and so instead of working on my own job search, I’m pushing pixels around as part of... Read more »