So frustrating ...


I had a small editing assignment, a proof-read and punch-up of a web site, which filled up 3 hours of my day today.  It was so refreshing.  I’ve been spending pretty much all day, every day, for eighteen months now flogging the job search, and I am, frankly, sick of it.  So, it was pretty sweet to get a chance to “do what I’m good at” (and get paid a bit) for a change.  As is evident by the results, I’m obviously not good at looking for work, or I wouldn’t still be at it this far down the road!

For those of you following along on my own job search, I still have not heard anything on that Marketing Communications gig that I’d been interviewing for over the past month.  It’s now two weeks past the day they said I “should know by”, and I’ve had no response from my attempts to contact anybody there (two voice mails to one person and an e-mail to another).  Now, I’ve been “counseled” that this is not necessarily a bad thing, as “no answer” isn’t a “no”, and I’ve certainly left the door open for somebody to get back to me saying “oh, sorry …”, but it’s horrible waiting in this sort of limbo.

Anyway, I’ve been keeping my nose to my own particular grindstone of Twitter reading and resume spewing, while running around to networking events and trying to piece together various freelance gigs.  I ended up with a solid dozen links, not as many as last week, but a good set of things for you to check out over the weekend:

• Add Punch to Your Follow Up Letter

• If You Discriminate I Am 44

• Gimmicks Are Deadly in a Job Search

• Job Searches – What Today’s Employers Are Looking For

• 7 ‘No-Brainer’ Job Search Mistakes Too Many Jobseekers Make

• Do Your Homework Before the Big Interview

• Sample Thank You Emails and Letters for Job Search

• What You Don’t Dare Tell Job Candidates (But Wish You Could)

• 50 Buzzwords You Shouldn’t Use on Your Resume

• Today’s Job Seeker: 10 Things You Should Know

• Job Seeking When You’re Over 50

• Indeed Slips Past Monster, Now Largest Job Site By Unique Visitors

I realize that a couple of those (dealing with “ageism” in the job search) may be more pertinent to my situation than to others’, but the articles were good and I figured I’d pass them along.  I’ve seen several “statistical” pieces over the past week or so, but most of the news in them has been contradictory, and didn’t seem worthwhile bringing to you, although I saw a tweet from a friend in the recruiting business (Veronica Ludwig, who was profiled here previously) that I thought I’d mention, which said: “Over the last 2 months, I have an average of 3 emails/day from companies that are hiring recruiters & HR peeps.” … which has got to be good news, assuming that hiring those people is in preparation for hiring folks like you and me!

Anyway, as you’ve no doubt come to expect, this week’s links have been melded into the big alphabetical list and formatted into a .pdf e-book, which can be downloaded here: 


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