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Soooo … this looks like it’s going to be one of those “apology fest” posts …  please excuse me while I change into my hair shirt.  First of all, sorry for there not being a post on Wednesday.  I was off at the monthly ChicagoNow tweetup on Tuesday and ran into a gal there (a job seeker coming from a very different set of strategies) who was very eager to do a “guest post” in my column.  I said “sure, could you pop out 500 words by tomorrow?” and she assured me that this was going to happen.  As you can tell, this didn’t happen.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have anything “in the hopper” and by the time I figured out that I wasn’t going to be seeing anything from her (and, mind you, I’ve gotten some author interviews late in the afternoon on the day they were slotted to run, so I’m used to hovering over my e-mail for these sorts of things), it was realistically too late for me to “pull something out of thin air”.

I’m also sorry to not have much today (well, except for a good list of links).  I’m still waiting to hear about that Marketing Communications gig that I was supposed to get the word on last Friday.  I’m confused about this, as they were very eager to get a body in place as soon as possible, and with only three “finalists”, they could let the losers know what was up within a few minutes.  I called the HR person there on Monday and left a voice mail wondering what was up … this also should have provided an opening for her to tell me I didn’t make it, if that is the case, but I haven’t had either a phone call or an e-mail.  Anyway, I’ve been sort of “in Limbo” all week, so I’ve not gotten that much useful stuff done (although I do have a phone interview for another position this afternoon).

I did, however, have a pretty solid week of Twitter reading, and have a significantly longer list of links for you this week than has been the case over the past several.  As I’ve noted, I look at a LOT of stuff about the job search on the web every week, and the ones that I think are of particular value, I stick in a file to pass along in here … hope you find these of interest:

• 8 Ways To Scare Employers Away – Is This You?

• The First 5 Minutes – How To Kick Off A Successful Interview

• 5 More Social Job Search Tools That Will Get You Hired

• How to Stay Up in a Down Job Market

• Job Searching During the Holidays

• How to find a job over the holidays

• Tips On How To Use Social Media To Job Hunt

• Where the Jobs Are(‘nt)

• Unemployed workers find job offers — but it doesn’t mean they always take them

• 10 Due Diligence Steps to Take Before You Say Yes to a Job Offer

• LinkedIn for Job Hunters: Tips to Create a Must-Read Profile

• Creative Ways To Job Hunt

• 10 LinkedIn Tips For Job Seekers And Career Shifters

• Is Unemployment Fear Getting The Best of You? 10 Tips To Get Over It

• How to Work With a Recruiter to Find a Job

• How To Get a Job, Step by Step

As usual, these have been folded into the alphabetically-sorted Big List O’Links, and outputted as an e-book for your convenience.  Click here for the download: 


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