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Lamentation of the solitude

Well, I’m supposed to hear today whether I’m the choice (out of three “finalists”) for this Marketing Communications job that I’ve been in the interview process on over the past few weeks.  As regular readers of this space know, I’ve been out of work a LONG time, and I’m “on pins and needles” waiting to hear.  Aside from all the obvious attractions to having a job again (uh, income, insurance, self-respect, etc.) I’m eager to simply get back in the game!  One only gets so many years on this planet, and I feel like I’ve had the past seventeen months “stolen” from me, as I’ve been forced into a job search modality which demands a vast lot of effort, but very little of it involving things that I do well.  If I was “independently wealthy”, I could have taken this time for “self enrichment”, writing a novel, learning to paint, visiting archeological sites, but because I have a family to feed (and prepare to educate, with my eldest kid hitting highschool this year!), I’ve been in a desperate scramble to find a suitable job.  

Unfortunately, since I’m a bit on the obsessive/compulsive side, I have found it very hard to “disengage” at all from the job search (or activities related to the job search, such as doing the reading/research necessary to bring these link dump posts to The Job Stalker every week), and have been averaging well over 12 hour days, seven days a week, for what’s now stretched out to nearly a year and a half.  It’s a twisted reality, but one of the other things that I’m looking forward to in having a job, is having time off.  Every day that I don’t have a job, each chunk of time has that “are you finding a job?” question hanging over it, making it very hard to have any “me time” at all, with the implication being “if you’re not using this time to find a job, you’re failing your family, you’re a loser, you’re worthless … etc.” Needless to say, I’d be very happy to be freed of those endless mental loops!  I’m sure there are some of you out there who can relate.

Anyway, enough with the confessional/psychology stuff … I managed to churn through enough Twitter reading this week to get a pretty respectable list of of links pulled together for you … hope you find them useful:

• HOW TO: Score a Job Through Facebook

• Screw Your Career Path. Live Your Story.

• 10 Ways To Find A Job In 60 Days Or Less

• What to Avoid When Designing and Writing a Cover Letter

• 4 Ways To Balance Your Job Search

• Your Elevator Speech: Keep It Simple Silly

• 13 Ways to Stay Sane in Your Job Search

• 5 Ways to Jump Start Your Job Search

• Fish Where The Fish Are – Use LinkedIn To Job Search

• Holidays: Dead Zones for Job Seekers

• A Creative Way to Use Twitter Lists to Get Hired

• 3 Ways to Stand Tall in a Job Interview

• Arguments for Hiring Someone in Job Transition – Skills You Will Not Find on a Resume

• How to Use Twitter to Land a Job

These have, of course, been merged into the big list of alphabetically-sorted links, and turned into a .pdf-formatted e-book ready for you to download a browse through at your leisure: 


As I’ve mentioned previously, IF I do get hired, I’m going to need to find a new writer for The Job Stalker … if you think you’d be interested in picking up the “hey, I’m unemployed” pen and becoming the third Job Stalker, drop me a note at TheJobStalker2@gmail.com.

I sure hope I have “good news” to write about on Monday!


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  • Best of luck to you on making the final cut! I'm right there with you, my friend.

  • FINGERS CROSSED!! Oh, I hope you get it! *****lucky vibes*****

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