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Hearts of Light

The other day I was filling out a form asking some odd things, including “tips” for those in job transition, and what came to mind were things that I was grateful to have in what has becoming a very long period between jobs.  When I was thinking of stuff to put in here mid-week (still waiting on some guest posts and industry interviews to appear) it occurred to me that these might be useful in here too.

I’ve read a lot of “manifesting” books, and the whole “attitude of gratitude” thing has been difficult for me to wrap my head around, as it’s much more “me” to be obsessing about what is wrong, what is lacking, what I’m failing to provide my family, etc.  However, there is a list of things, pretty common things, that I’m very happy to have, and that’s what I’m looking at here.

Now, this first one probably won’t seem so important to readers in their 20’s or 30’s, but trust me, once you turn the corner into your mid-40’s (and beyond), your doctor is going to be wanting to fine tune the various numbers showing up regarding your innards, and it’s a rare person that gets to 50 without having some pills in their daily routine.  Because of this, #1 on my “gratitude list” is the Walgreens Prescription Savings Club (other drug stores may have similar, I just know this one).  Those with good health insurance don’t have to worry so much about this, but if you have a drug that’s on the list, the savings are remarkable, $12 for three months worth of pills!  For those (like us) who’ve run out of insurance, it’s a godsend.

The next may seem so basic and mundane that it’s not worth mentioning, but I’m very thankful for McDonald’s “dollar menu” items.  One of my core joys in life was going out to restaurants, and this is something that I’ve been unable to do much of for a very long time now.  To be able to swing into a McDonald’s and get a “McDouble” (the double cheeseburger minus one slice of cheese), and a “McChicken” and spend just two bucks (plus tax) is a delightful indulgence every now and again (and I am fully aware how damn pitiful it is that spending two bucks on fast food is a treat for me).  Add to that the 32oz tea/soda for another buck, and it’s an awesome deal.

Finally, there’s the dollar store.  This involves a bit of a trip for us, but one’s up by where my kids take martial arts.   It’s great to find “new” hardcover books for a buck.  It’s great to find all sorts of cookies for a buck.  It’s great to find electronics (I get all my USB cables there!) for a buck.  It’s great to get greeting cards two for a buck.  It’s great to be able to get big gift bags and wrapping paper for a buck.  It’s great to be able to get boxes of really tasty freezer pops for a buck.  It’s great to be able to get decent picture/certificate frames for a buck.  Every time I spend ten dollars there, I’ve probably saved us forty (assuming we’re getting things that would have been otherwise purchased elsewhere), and that’s a great feeling.

All three of these really help “keep things normal” when the dollars dry up, and I deeply appreciate that they’re available out there, and these companies’ largess will not go unremembered if we ever get out of the current economic apocalypse!  These are the Good Guys.

“And now for something completely different …”  

Where there are good guys, like the above, there are ALSO “Bad Guys” who are out there looking to prey on the unemployed..  I’ve mentioned before some the “job board” scams that only exist to separate the desperate job seeker from what dwindling dollars they may have on hand.  Again, if a job board is asking you to pay to see a listing or respond to it, THEY ARE A SCAM, plain and simple.  They are thieves who are playing mind games to get folks to fork over cash for stuff they could get for free.  Over the weekend I scored a “win” over one of these.  I was rather taken aback that one job board (Business Work Force) ended up being a “mask” for The Ladders (one of the worst of the scam sites) which had a job listing that looked at first that it was going to let me apply.  However, once I got in my info, I was deadended at a “pay” page.  Fortunately, the company listing the job had put their name in various places, and I was able to go to their web site, find the job, and apply for it there … so much for pay-worthy “exclusivity”!  This is what makes the latest of these sleaze sites, Peoplelex, so vile, as they edit the job descriptions down to such generic (albeit enticing) copy that it’s impossible to Google around it … and (as noted last week), I’m very disappointed with SimplyHired (one of my main sources of job listings via Twitter) for picking up these clearly larcenous postings and passing them along!

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