So many things, so little time ...


Wow, it’s Friday again?  These weeks just blow by anymore.  Aside from the obvious things (paychecks, self respect, restaurant lunches) I miss from having a job, there’s the structure to the day.  The hours when one sleeps, the time one gets up, the getting to work, the time one is expected to be productive, the time when one gets to go home, and that strange creature “free time”.  It seems that within the job search (assuming that one is working on it and not just “thinking about it” from the couch) there IS no “structure”, that every waking moment is manifesting some degree of desperate push towards getting a job, and that every minute not spent on doing something concrete in that search is riddled with guilt, self-loathing, and a sense of impending doom.  There is no “free time”, and even sleep gets questioned, as one could be up learning a new skill, or writing another witty response to a key blog, or developing new web material, or something.

One of the problems that I find is that I even have a hard time disengaging from the “job search” when project work comes my way.  It’s very difficult to “drop everything” to work on coming up with a specific pitch for a potential project.  I guess this is why I’ve never been drawn to Freelancing, as I’d be happy to work the projects, but need to have that structure that at point A this begins, goes through various milestones, and is done at point B … and it never quite seems to be that cut-and-dried, and while I’m floundering in the vagueness, I’m not working on the job search.  (sigh)  Needless to say, I do wish that somebody would hire me!

Had some interesting networking events this week (although I got to one of them 24 hours early … don’t know how I managed to convince myself that the Wednesday event was on Tuesday, but I guess that’s better than it having been the other way around!).  One was a LinkedIn event (which was odd in that, out of nearly 100 people there, I only knew one from previous networking), and the other was this month’s Social Media Club event, which was fabulous, with great speakers, and an influx of people from another conference 2/3rds of the way through (so it was sort of a double-networking event).

Anyway, on the other side of the cut are this week’s bunch of “best links” that I’ve found out there in my Twitter reading:

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As usual, I’ve merged these in with the on-going big list of links I’ve culled from the web, and these are available in an “e-book” format here: 


And, yes, there were a bit fewer links than normal this week, and I have to blame “computer problems” for this.  As long-time readers will recall, I had my old/good computer die on me between Xmas and New Year’s last December, and I’d been working on a “Frankenstein” system of bits and pieces since then.  Over the past several weeks that machine began to inexplicably freeze up, dozens of times a day (requiring a very distracting hard re-boot each time).  Fortunately, I’d gotten some intel on my old system, with the suggestion that it was not the hard drive dying that had been the problem (I’d even tried replacing it, to no avail), but a SATA connector on the motherboard that might be to blame.  Needless to say, the fact that I could have simply disconnected and re-plugged in the drive on a different SATA socket and not had the computer issues that I’ve been fighting with over the past 9 months is a bitter irony that I’d rather not spend too much time contemplating, but I’m very happy to have my old/good machine back in action.  However, in the process of moving back to that system, I had at least 3 days when I was, more-or-less, computer-less while stuff was backing up to an external drive, etc., and so “lost” a lot of Twitter reading, meaning that there was less research “going in the hopper” to enable me to spew out the choice bits that I share with you here!

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