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I thought I had a really great post lined up for this Wednesday.  One of the resources that I follow on Twitter had been “teasing” about a new e-book that was just chock-full of job search info, with a number of guest authors, and was going to be coming out yesterday.  I don’t know what in the promo copy had led me to this conclusion, but I’d assumed that this was going to be a free e-book, in support of their coaching services.  Much to my surprise, I found this was a “send us a pile of cash for access to these pixels” project, and, lacking any way to vouch for the actual (real money) value of this e-book, I just didn’t feel comfortable shilling for it here.

So, once again, I was looking at no mid-week post.  I am also heading out of town this weekend for a short trip (albeit including a couple of long drives) to visit with my wife’s family, so was looking at a certain level of complexity getting my link list out to you on Friday.   It occurred to me that I could do worse than simply moving up Friday’s end-of-the-week post to Thursday, as (fortunately) I’d managed to get a full boat of links ready to roll early this week.  So, that’s what you’re getting today!

One reason I had as many links as I did was that this week, for the first time in ages I didn’t have four networking events, only heading out once, on Tuesday, to a MeetUp for an “online marketing” group.  They were having a speaker who was sort of doing a “WordPress 101”, and that’s one of the Social Media platforms that I’ve not had a chance to work with previously, so it was an inexpensive opportunity (they were charging $3) to get at least the basics on that down.  On top of that, I didn’t know anybody there, so it was a whole room full of new contacts, many of whom were from small agencies, so it was a quality networking opportunity for me as well.  This is another reason why resources such as MeetUp and EventBrite are such useful things to be constantly checking, as you never know what’s going to be happening out there which would both get you in front of fresh faces, and help keep you on top of your game!

Even though it’s early this week, I managed to line up 15 quality job-search stories for you to check out.  Once again, they’re  behind the cut:

• 42 Job Search Quotes for Twitter

• Unemployment Is Hard. HireFriday Can Help!

• Top 10 Tips: What NOT To Do While You Are Looking For A Job

• Shopping For A Career Coach?

• Reminding Your Network That You’re Looking

• Social Networking Your Way to a New Job

• How to Write a Good Cover Letter

• Top 7 Ways to Kick Off Your Twitter Job Search

• The Obama Jobs Deficit: 7.6 Million Jobs {grim graphic!}

• Twitter for Job Search? 10 Users to Follow


• How to Beat the Negative Thoughts Ruining Your Job Search

• Six Ways to Write Cover Letters They Won’t Throw Out

• 7 Industries In Need Of Workers NOW

• Make Linked In Social In Your Job Search

Oh, I would be remiss if I didn’t follow up from last week … when I posted on Friday I was heading out to the 140 Characters Conference “road trip” event here down at the DoubleTree hotel.  It turns out that the DoubleTree folks were co-sponsors of that project and really pulled out all stops in making the TweetUp last Friday a superb event, with top-notch gourmet appetizers being passed all evening, and an open bar, neither of which I was expecting.  It was a very pleasant surprise which made what could have been “just another networking thing” into a memorable treat.

As usual, I’ve pulled together this week’s links into the alphabetically-sorted Big List of Links, and have converted that into a (free) e-book for your convenience.  You can snag a copy of this week’s update (now up to 24 pages of links!) by clicking here:  


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