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Les Bouquinistes

Not that I haven’t been reading, it’s just that most of the stuff I’ve been reading (which you can always check out at over on LibraryThing) hasn’t been the sort of thing that made sense to bring you in this blog.  However, a couple of things came up which were related to things I’ve featured here, and so I’m sort of doing a book-at-one-remove post for this Monday.

The first thing is a “webinar” that’s being run by Social Media guru Chris Brogan later this week … as regular readers will recall, I’ve featured Chris’ books, Trust Agents and Social Media 101, in here previously.  He appears to be developing a new project, called Human Business Works, on which there is very little info, except that it is the “host” for this on-line event.   The descriptive copy says: One in every 10 people in the US (on average) is out of work. Several more are “underemployed.” With so many people clamoring for jobs, the traditional methods one uses to find work aren’t cutting it. Join this FREE webinar conducted by Chris Brogan (perhaps with special guests) to help you get more out of your job search by enhancing your social presence. This webinar is being called Enhance Your Job Search With Social Presence, and will happen at 6pm (CDT) on Thursday, September 30th … you might want to check it out!

The next thing I have for you is something of a “different voice” on a book that I covered here recently, that was “not my cup of tea”, The Twitter Job Search Guide.  I wish I’d been able to get this up earlier, as @HRMargo was doing a piece (which I’m sure was going to be raving about it) on the book and its authors on her Blog Talk Radio show this evening, the post about it is here (and you can no doubt catch the archived version of that over on BTR).

I had been considering passing along a free “Twitter e-course” that I’d run across as well, but, as I hadn’t had a chance to take a look at it, I opted not to.  I’d hate to point folks reading this to something which was essentially just an ad, and the page featuring the course did seem to be part of a site focused on selling e-books, and I’m always leery of those sorts of deals!

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