Networking, links, and some warnings ...


The past couple of weeks have been a bit thin on the networking front … it seems like a lot of groups tend to shift their schedules around to avoid the holidays, but this then starts to stack things up afterwards … next week, for example, has pretty much 3 events each night!

I must admit, having a “week off” was pretty nice, but got back into things with three events this week, four if you count the all-day conference I attended on Sunday.  The same folks who set that up had their monthly Meetup on Tuesday, followed by a thing that was at my elder daughter’s new school (yeah, I’m counting that … I was handing out cards!), and then a Tweetup for the Social Media Club in honor of one of that group’s founders swinging through town (I’m going to their regular monthly meeting next week).  I found out about another weekly event that would have been this evening, but I was backed up on some projects, and figured I’d catch that on some week when not so much was happening.

Once again, I was worried that I was not going to have a lot to bring you for today’s post, but I pushed through on a bunch of Twitter reading, and ended up with a regular load of links.  The first one here is sort of tongue-in-cheek, but it almost exactly covers my “fears” about what Freelancing would be like!  Anyway, here’s this week’s best:

• Want to be a freelancer? Just punch yourself in the face, instead.

• Deadly Cover Letter Errors

• How Recruiters Screen Your Resume

• Redefining Failure

• How Not to Sabotage a Job Search

• How I Found My Job on LinkedIn and How You Can Too

• 7 Ways to Reduce Job Interview Stress

• Sell Yourself with Sales Resume Tips

• Looking for a Job? Throw Away Your Resume

• How To Pick The Right Career (Part 1)

• How to Become the Best Interviewee You Can Be

• How To Nail a Job Interview (And Actually Get The Job)

So, now you’re thinking: “the title of this post says warnings – did he mean that Freelancing piece?”  … nope, that’s not it.  What I was wanting to “warn” you about is another “scam” job site that I’ve been running into repeatedly in the SimplyHired listings.  Now, SimplyHired is a great service, but it “scrapes” what’s out there, and this new group has been showing up there a lot.  It’s called and has brief descriptions of very tempting positions, and (as I understand it) they lure you in with a “$1 to try” deal … only (again, from what I’ve read) they go ahead and charge you $179 which is their “package” for X# of job submissions.  This is just as sleazy as the iHire sites or TheLadders (and their sub-brands), only a bit more blatant.  Again, if somebody is charging you to see and/or access listings, they are a scam, period.  In most cases the jobs are out there on free boards, and this new group has very brief and “generic” job listings to make it hard to Google around them.  

Oh, and apologies for no mid-week post … I was in discussions for a “guest post” and the week sort of got away from us, but that might be showing up next Wednesday.  Also, look out for a GREAT new book feature coming on Monday … this is the “digital native” experience that’s everything that the previous book wasn’t!  As usual, I’ve added this week’s links into the alphabetically sorted “Big List of Links” and have that formatted as an e-book for your convenience. Click here: TJS-LinkList-100917.pdf  to download your copy!

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