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This was a bit different week, I only had two networking events, and they were both “new” to me (as opposed to the various recurring Meet-Ups and organizational get-togethers that I attend on a regular basis).  The first was Amy Guth‘s “Reading Under The Influence” which was interesting, and a different bunch of people, but sufficiently crowded and free-form that I really didn’t get much of a chance to actually network.  It was a fun evening, however, and I’m likely to go again.

The other event was the launch party for a new “technology weblog”, Flyover Geeks, which is set up to be something like Mashable or TechCrunch, but with a view to the Midwest (the “flyover country” to those on the east and west coasts), and a core focus on what’s happening in Chicago.  I’d encountered founder Edward Domain a few weeks back at the Droid X event, and he invited me to this.  I was, frankly, surprised that I knew only a handful of folks at the party, but made some quality connections, so it was worth dragging myself out on only 2 hours of sleep (long story, would bore you).

I managed to pull together another 13 links for you this week, although one of them is “holding place” for a six-segment entry (which was, unfortunately, fairly commercial, so I didn’t want to flog that over-and-over again, listing each topic, as I probably wouldn’t have passed that along if it had just been one piece). Hope you find these useful …


• Twitter used to hunt for jobs

• How to Best Answer Phone Interview Questions

• Your Resume Is Boring — And How to Increase Your Career Opportunities

• How to use networking in your job search

• 5 Subliminal Tricks That Make an Employer Adore You

• Online Social Networking Tips for Your Career: Start with Twitter

• Should I Keep Applying to the Same Company?

• Am I Too Fat to Get Hired?

• Writing a Cover Letter

• A Time Management Secret for Jobseekers

• The Secret to Standing Out in Your Job Search – Parts I – VI

• US Private Sector Adds Jobs, Unemployment Stays at 9.5 Percent

I’m trying to stay focused and positive, but it’s getting to be a long time since I’ve had even a phone interview.  Of course, all it takes is one hiring manager looking at me and saying “he’s our guy!”, and I’ll be back in a job, so I do keep grinding out the resumes and slogging out to more networking events.  But I am getting real sick of being “Mr. Unemployed”, so somebody out there hire me already, OK?

Once again, I’ve pulled the above links into the big list of links and have them waiting for you in handy-dandy alphabetical order, which can be downloaded here: 



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  • It was great to see you again Brendan- thanks for making the party! We have some launch pics up and more to come tonight/tomorrow at FlyoverGeeks

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