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Marketing ideas which you could use ...

Yes, once again this isn’t a book about the job search, except that it’s a book dealing with stuff that’s pretty central to my job search, so that line’s going to blur some from where I’m sitting. However, if I didn’t think this had anything that was generally applicable to The Job Stalker readers, I... Read more »

The week, recapped ... – What?  No Wednesday post?  Sorry about that … this week was a bit of a blender for me.  I actually had most of what’s coming in this post (well, except for the links, of course) ready to roll on Monday, because it was touch-and-go if I was going to have that “Author... Read more »

A book you may find very helpful ...

I realize that, in the interest of having some books featured in here, from time to time I’ve put in books which are not particularly pertinent to the job search per se (although they may have bearing on my job search), so I’m always happy to bring you something that does has direct bearing on... Read more »

Another bunch of links for you ... Sorry for getting this posted a bit late tonight, but I had gone all last-minute on the Ning apocalypse and had only discovered the (yes, that’s a URL, based on the Palestinian country code) service yesterday, so I was scrambling to archive and transfer the various Ning sites that would have otherwise... Read more »

Tired of me yet?

Well, look at that … this is my 100th post as The Job Stalker, having been at this for either 9 or 10 months, depending on how you want to count it, with my introductory post going up towards the end of last October, but my not “hitting the ground running” until late November.  Frankly,... Read more »

Have it your way ...

This week we’re taking a look at Mark Jeffries’ The Art of Business Seduction: A 30-Day Plan to Get Noticed, Get Promoted, and Get Ahead  … usually I have a problem with those long title/subtitle combinations, but in this case it certainly helps (as “The Art of Business Seduction” by itself just brings up the... Read more »

Another crazy week, another bunch of links ... You would think, that with all the resumes I get out, and all the networking that I do, that somebody out there would have hired me by now.  Chicago Now just celebrated its 1-year anniversary, and I took over this blog in mid-November last year, so I’ve been doing this for 9 months now... Read more »

A Chicago institution ...

Those following this blog will recall that one of the main reasons that I got The Job Stalker assignment was that I’m in my third major job-search in the past 10 years.  After my publishing company faltered (it was a long slow death), I went back to school to learn web development and related programming,... Read more »

Good book, might be useful ...

This is another of those cases where I’ve read a book, found it quite engaging, had a lot of “take away”, yet realized that it’s not something specifically about the job search, and (despite how it might seem from time to time), I do try to stay on subject in here.   Of course, this is... Read more »

The week, and some reading for you ...

This was a bit different week, I only had two networking events, and they were both “new” to me (as opposed to the various recurring Meet-Ups and organizational get-togethers that I attend on a regular basis).  The first was Amy Guth‘s “Reading Under The Influence” which was interesting, and a different bunch of people, but... Read more »