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OK, so maybe “should have read” ought to be “might want to read”, after all, few people plow through so much on-line content as I do in a week (yes, primarily to have stuff to pass along to you here, although, obviously, it’s useful to me as well), but these are things that came across my web radar this week, so were you also out looking for this sort of thing, they would have been what you probably should have read.  I actually had to pick-and-choose a bit more than has been the case of late, as I had more than 20 links in the file this week, but I’m still a bit gun-shy after those weeks when I had under 10, so I’m holding some “in reserve” just in case I hit another dry week!

I had also planned on having that e-book I featured on Wednesday here, but I figured it worked well “free standing”, and once it was there, it didn’t make much sense being here except for maybe making it into the “big list” for archival purposes.  So, if you’re interested in that, check out the previous post!

I was in full networking mode this week, with four events, two breakfast meetings and two evening things.  3 out of the 4 proved very useful in terms of making contacts, and getting info, so they were well worth going to, and the 4th at least put me in a drawing (of only 15 or so people) to win an iPad (I still haven’t heard), so that’s better than a kick in the teeth.  As I’ve noted before, if you’re in the Chicago market and not going out to at least two networking events a week, you’re not trying.  I have found, however, that my “exhaustion threshold” for networking is 4 events, more than that and I’m wiped out by the weekend, so I try to schedule 2-4 each week.  Again, Meet-Up, Tweet-Up, EventBrite, etc. are your friends in finding things (heck, Meet-Up has something like 600 scheduled events listed for next week).

Anyway, here are 15 links that seemed worthwhile out my reading this week …

• Effective Job Search: Find or Be Found

• Tips on Overcoming Fear, Staying Positive and Reinventing Your Business

• Economists see a modest pickup in hiring

• Your Cover Letter Should be Assertive, Not Obnoxious

• LinkedIn Strategies That Keep You Unemployed

• 101 Ideas to Improve Your Career When No One Will Hire You

• Career Fairs Aren’t Fair

• How to Create Focus Lists to Narrow Your Job Search

• 4 Ways To Not Reek Of Desperation

• Five Mistakes Online Job Hunters Make

• The toughest interview question

• Nearly One-Third of Small Businesses to Hire New Employees in Second Half of 2010

• 7 Phrases to Leave Off Your Resume

• Build Up Your Job Search Motivation

• Bad Job Sites

After another long dry spell, it looks like I might have some “industry interviews” to bring you on Wednesdays the next couple of weeks … and I’ve recently gotten in a half-dozen or so books that will work for this space (once I get them read and reviewed, of course), so hopefully there will be more going on around here than there was over most of the last month or so.  As usual, this week’s links have been sorted alphabetically into the “big list”, which you can download here: 


 … now up to 20 pages!

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