Sometimes the reading burns ...

Wow … can’t tell at all how these are going to go.  After two weeks with “extras”, I needed them this week.  In fact, I was still surfing around this afternoon hoping to find a few more links that I felt like passing along.


Young Man Reading: Detail Of Robert I. Aitken's 1933 Bronze Samuel Gompers Memorial (Washington, DC)

One that didn’t make the list really pissed me off.  It was a “guest post” on one of the blogs that end up in my Twitter stream and this guy was talking about his method of getting a job (which involved setting up semi-bogus appointments with people he’d identified as the hiring person at a company).  His step-by-step instruction started with “Number One: Be employed” … HELLO??? … hey, I’ve been working on finding a job for 15 months now, and take offense when folks think that this is as easy as picking up a gallon of milk!

There’s another one down there which almost didn’t make the list (it’s marked as “depressing”, in case you want to avoid it), which is about “dumbing down” your resume.  I’ve discussed this a few times in here, and it’s another sore spot with me.  A “career management” group I was using several years ago worked with me to come up with a “moron” version of my resume, and it wasn’t pretty … plus it “read phony”.  However, the person writing the post seems to have gotten employed via this feint, so it’s something to consider.

Again, this was a mighty thin week, but I have able to scrape up a dozen worthwhile things for you to read …

• 15 ways to improve online job search

• Social Media and Your Job Search Strategy: 5 Ways to Stop Broadcasting and Start Contributing

• 8 Ways to Earn Extra Cash

• Top 5 Ways to Earn Immediate Cash Online

• Caught in a large layoff or let go for performance reasons?

• What R.E.S.U.M.E. Stands For

• 30 Things You Can Control In Your Job Search

• How Landing A Job Is Like Dating: 15 Tips To Make Them Want You

• 8 things that can kill your job chances

• If You’re So Damn Smart, Why Aren’t You Rich? {very depressing}

• What Job Hunters Can Learn From Surfers

• Accenture to recruit thousands of IT staff through Twitter and LinkedIn

I had another pretty brutal week of networking … with things like the BNC (Business Network Chicago) “After-Hours” networking event on Tuesday, the Chicago Bloggers Meet-Up on Wednesday, and the Social Media Club’s monthly meeting last night, and a “Big Ooga” coffee in there somewhere, plus possibly making the Printers Ball down at Columbia College tonight (still seeing if I’m going to be able to make that).  Like I’ve said … if you’re not making 2 networking events a week in Chicago, you’re not trying (but five events in a week is a bit much!).

As always, I’ve pulled these into the big alphabetical list of links, the current iteration of which can be downloaded here: 


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