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Well, this was exciting … the folks over at, who have been doing a number of “best of” lists on their blog, just released their “Top 100 Career Advice Blogs” list.  I’d been contacted by them some time back and asked to fill out a questionnaire, and was wondering how that would play out.  As I’ve noted, the focus of The Job Stalker is the job search from the perspective of somebody thick in the middle of it, and I don’t have any “credentials” for doing this, other than the battle scars from the past decade (I’m now 14 months into my third major job search in that time).  I’m not an HR guy, I’m not a “career coach”, and so I expected that if this blog made their list, it would be down at the bottom.

In fact, when this came out (I saw the “Corn on the Job” guy posting on Twitter that he’d come in at #11),  I started reading the list from the bottom up, and was getting more and more certain that I “hadn’t made the cut”, until just after halfway up the list, I see The Job Stalker at #48!


As I’ve kvetched about before … I never anticipated that I’d have been unemployed this long (and thereby still “eligible” for writing this), and be penning these little missives to you all as long as I have.  And, as regular readers know, I’ve struggled with trying to fill this space with info that I’d find interesting (and that I hope is useful to you), and there’ve been big heaping helpings of self-doubt and frustration that’s come with that … so, finding my scribblings listed “in the top half” of career advice blogs is very pleasing to me.

Sure, some of you are asking “What, he still doesn’t have another interview this week?”, and yes, I’m still working on that, but I figured I’d take that Wednesday slot an tell you about the list.  After all, not only is this blog on there, but there are another 99 for you to check out!  Just come back when you’re done, OK?

Oh, and speaking of the “Corn on the Job” guy, Rich DeMatteo, he and the folks over at “Brazen Careerist” (#7 on the list) have just released a new e-book, What I Know About Getting A Job, which features a bunch of job search experts letting you know what they know, and it’s available as a free download.  Certainly something else you should check out!

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