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Been having some struggles over this blog.  On one hand, I really do feel bad if I’m not getting up 2-3 posts a week in here, but I also feel that nobody wants to read me blithering about random stuff.  One of the reasons I’ve set up “regular features” is to have something to bring you week-in-week-out.  I’m not a “job pro”, just a communications/PR guy who’s had (much to my chagrin) a lot of experience looking for work over the past 10 years, so I don’t have a reservoir of material to spin off of, as I might were I some HR/recruiter type.

Of course, the downside of the regular features here is that sometimes they don’t show up.  I thought I had an interview good-to-go this past Wednesday, but the interviewee sort of disappeared on me, and I’m still waiting to hear if that’s going to happen.  One would think that the folks I’m looking to highlight in those Wednesday posts would be happy to “play ball” with me to get out in front of you all, but some don’t seem to get that.  Oh well.  And, of course, the Monday feature is pretty much dependent on what I’ve been reading, and, frankly, reading nothing but job search books isn’t what I want to do; but, equally, I’m guessing that my talking about a book on archaeology isn’t going to help out anybody in their search for employment!

Since getting dumped by the Census, I’ve been cranking out a lot of resumes, attending a number of networking events (nothing much to report on either end of that this week), and getting to almost keep up with Twitter.  Frankly, I “sat on” about a half a dozen links from last week, and it looks like that was a good idea, as I would have had around 18 then and just six or so now.  So, while there’s a full batch of links here, some of them are not quite as “hot off the presses” as they might normally be.

I am hoping (I still need to get the reviews written) to have a “Book Feature” for you on Monday, and maybe one of my “amazing disappearing interviewees” will re-appear for Wednesday, so you sort of have those to look forward to.  In the meanwhile, here’s what I’ve culled from my Twitter reading this week:

• Third Party Recruiters – Friend or Foe?

• Unique Job Search Tactics That Work

• How to Save an Interview Gone Wrong

• How to Write a Cover Letter HR Can’t Ignore

• Social Networking Ever More Critical to Job Search Success

• Twitter users are more likely to get job interviews

• Finding the Right Recruiter For Your Job Search

• Top 60 LinkedIn Groups for Job Seekers and Recruiters

• Corporate profits have recovered, but job market still depressed

• 20 Things Job Seekers Should Never Tweet About


• 5 Myths That Are Crippling Your Job Search

• If Job Seekers Can Be Flexible, Why Can’t Employers?

I find it amusing that I’ve started to get attention for this blog.  While the effort I put into getting the information that I do bring you is not inconsequential, it’s pretty much an “editing” function, and if I had any solid answers about getting a job … well, I’d have a job and wouldn’t be writing this, would I?  I’ve been invited to write “guest posts” on a couple of other job-search blogs out there and am, honestly, at a loss as to what I might write.  I’m just a guy (with a pretty impressive resume) who’s trying to find a gig and support his family, and hoping that everything isn’t going to “go to Hell in a handbasket” before I manage to do that.

Anyway, the one “resource” that I can offer is the “big list of links” which has all these highlights from every week since I started doing them on Fridays (conveniently arranged in alphabetical order) … the current version of which can be downloaded here: 



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    Best of Luck to you all!

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