A little bit of levity ...


For those of us in seemingly unending job searches (I’m about to hit my 15th month), there is a whole lot of “doom and gloom” on a daily basis.  You know this.  I know this.  The media absolutely revels in it.  And, it’s not very good for keeping one’s energy levels up, both for the job search and for exhibiting the sort of enthusiasm that one is always coached to show despite whatever spiraling descent of depression one might actually be feeling.  So, every once in a while it’s probably a good ideal to allow something silly into our lives, and today’s “Book Feature” certainly fits this.

Careers For Your Cat, written by Ann Dziemianowicz and illustrated by Ann Boyajian, is structured like many familiar career-guide books, but this time aimed at getting your freeloading felines up off their furry butts and into the workforce.

How does one determine what one’s cat can do to bring home their share of the household income?  Well, put them through the “Meowers-Briggs” Career/Personality assessment, of course.  Once kitty is “typed”, there is then a selection of appropriate career choices.  The author claims to have worked with many famous cats, who are now satisfactorily leading professional lives.

This is, of course, all quite light-hearted and the book itself is a very quick read.  As usual, I go into more details about it over in my review, but if you (or somebody you know) needs a bit of “funny” injected into the darkness of the current economic bust (and especially if they’re a “cat person”), this is something you might consider picking up.

Oh, one note … according to the press release from Ten Speed Press, this doesn’t officially come out until next week … but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to put this in here now.

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