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Well, I got back on the Networking horse this week, with two fairly interesting events.  Neither of these were “home runs” for my job search, but they at least got me out into public again.  Frankly, on Wednesday night I had a choice of three events that seemed on-target to choose from.  As I’ve noted in here previously, Chicago is a great “networking market”, with tons of stuff happening on all levels, and it’s not uncommon to have to pick what best fits you rather than having to just “dig up something”.  In this case I had one acquaintance running an event that was going to be pretty much “just social”, but meeting a new set of people, one acquaintance running an event which was “job search” based, but not exactly on-target for me, and another acquaintance running an event that seemed to present the best “new opportunity” mix.  Now, admittedly, I had personal contacts for all three of these, but they’re contacts that I’ve developed over the past year both via Twitter and through other networking events. I also believe that all three were being “set up” via Eventbrite, so taking a look through their Chicago listings could have put anybody into any of those without the personal connection! The earlier event this week had been a MeetUp, so would also have been accessible to anybody looking for it … so don’t think the number of networking opportunities out there are limited to “networking maniacs”!

The first of these events this week was the monthly get-together of the Chicago NetSquared group, whose NetTuesday Chicago brings together “tech” people with “nonprofit” people in an ever-changing array of contexts.  Tuesday was the annual “joint meeting” with the Community Media Workshop up front of their Making Media Connections conference down at Columbia College. While the program was interesting, the specifics ended up being “not my thing” (as opposed to last year’s introduction of their new “alternative media” directory).  The event I opted for on Wednesday was the intriguing Ignite Chicago (didn’t Mrs. O’Leary’s cow have something to do with that?), which appears to be an event which has been running other places now getting a presence here, featuring speakers who are presenting ideas in a 5-minute slot, with 20 slides which fire at set 15-second intervals.  This format creates an odd mix, totally pulling some speakers out of their comfort zones, and making others shine (hint: it works best to tightly script to one’s slides).  Unfortunately, due to Game 6 of the hockey finals, the program was somewhat abbreviated that evening (they wanted folks to be able to get out in time to watch the game).  I’m hoping that the organizers will endeavor to make this an on-going event, and run at least quarterly.

Anyway, to revert to the “scheduling bitching” that you’ve become used to seeing here on Fridays, with my taking time out of the week to go to events, my Twitter reading was deeply curtailed this week. Fortunately, what reading I was able to get done, did provide a good number of links to share with you (although it took me nearly all day on Friday to find the last couple of “good links” to get this up to a dozen).  I’m certainly glad the Census gig is time-limited, but I would dearly love to be moving out of that and into a “REAL JOB” rather than out of that and back to 12-18 hours a day on the job search.  The real “toxic” part of this is that I’ve not had time to get out new resumes, which makes me feel like I’m sinking into quicksand here.  However, behind the break are the highlights of this week’s research:

• Employers Lowballing New Hires


• 5 Signs Your Resumé is Passé

• Roundtable Discussion: Resume and Job Search Strengtheners

• A Modern Mentor Is a Listener, Too

• I Got an Offer…But Why Didn’t I Get the Job Offer I Wanted?

• Find The Job Before It Even Exists

• Job Seekers: Are You Getting the Basics Right?

• Addressing Salary Requirements in a Cover Letter

• Unsuccessful jobseekers often cease to be customers of the company that rejected them

• 5 Questions The Best Networkers Ask

• How to Get a Job After a Year (or More) Out of Work

These have, of course, been added into the ever-evolving alphabetical .doc file of archived links … which you can download here:


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