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Well, last week I noted that, with my taking on a 40-hour-a-week Census clerk gig, I thought it was very likely that my “Twitter reading” was going to suffer.  While I have missed numerous hours out of the 24/7 clock which was my previous habit, I’ve been surprised to see that I ended up with a total number of links to bring to you for this week which was close to my average.

As regular readers know, this job has brought a number of things to the surface.  On one hand, it is very nice to have the structure of a job back in my day … one of the worst things of being out of work is that one ends up feeling so adrift, and just having a purposeful structure of getting out of the house, and down to an office, gives one a sense of having some function in the world.  However, the “other stuff” … being paid 1/3rd (or less) of what my time should be worth, the fact that this too will be disappearing in a few weeks, being in a position which makes nearly no use of my preferred skill sets, etc. … certainly taints the experience and makes it all something of a tease, giving me a peripheral taste of what being “back in the game” would be like, without really providing any of what getting a “real job” would bring.  Needless to say, the odd hours (I’ve been on 2nd shift this week, and will be switching to the overnight 3rd shift beginning Sunday night), have also added to the general “unreality” of the job there.

It is also very odd for me to be in a position where I can’t be on-line … web communication, interactivity, and development have been key aspects of every job I’ve had for the past 15 years at least, and down at the Census we can’t even get to Google on their system, let alone Twitter.  So it has been taking a proportionally larger chunk out of my day to try to keep up when I’m home and able to get that reading done … so you’re lucky to have these dozen links this week!  Click through to the list …

• Laid-off workers report finding work

• Unemployment? Blame the Easter Bunny

• Reverse Job Search: Make Employers Look for You

• May 2010 Job Fairs

• Monster Points to Improvement in Job Market


• 10 Commandments for Better Networking

• 10 New Rules for Today’s Job Hunt

• 10 Sticky Job Interview Situations and How to Handle Them

• Avoid Falling Victim to Resume Self-Destruction

• The Basics of Job Hunting Through Social Networks

• Are you paying attention to your online reputation? Employers are.

I’m a couple of dozen pages short of finishing up a very interesting book directly about the job search, and will be cranking out the review on that over the weekend.  In a nice change from some of the recent situations on the Monday “book feature”, I was able to obtain an interview with the author well in advance, so you’ll have that to look forward to next week.  As always, I’ve pulled together this week’s links into the alphabetical listing of the big link file, which you can download here … 


  … something for you to delve into over the weekend!

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