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I suppose that  I should have long since given up on trying to figure out why one week there will be a ton of good links early, some weeks they show up at the last minute, etc., except that we’re hard-wired to seek out patterns, since it’s almost always a surprise.  After almost not doing a “links” post last week, things were fine this week, with 13 article/post items to share, right around the average despite my deeply limited amount of time I’m presently able to dedicate to reading Twitter.

Admittedly, I have been trying to make an effort to get as much of that material in front of me as possible, but it’s been very frustrating, and I end up capturing (in terms of filling up a screen of 40 “pages” of the Twitter web interface and then saving that to a file) far more than I’ve been actually reading (I currently have 21 sets of up to 800 Tweets each sitting on my desktop, representing at minimum nearly 11 hours of reading that I’ve not been able to get to as yet).  However, I have been trying to force as much of that as I can.

Had a bit of a respite this week from the 3rd shift schedule down at the Census, as one of our team who works the 1st shift needed to take care of some stuff and wanted to switch shifts the past couple of days.   As I had some scheduling issues as well, I was happy to accommodate him, but found that I was greatly relieved to actually get a block of sleep at night, after struggling with the when-do-I-sleep problem inherent on being up all night at the office.

One of the things that I had this week was a full dance card of networking events.  While the one on Tuesday fizzled out, there was a Chicago Now radio show Tweet-up on Wednesday that was quite useful in terms of getting to meet some folks who I’d only known on-line previously, and the Social Media Club monthly event on Thursday, which was over at Loyola and featured a panel presentation on “Ethics in Social Media”, where I was also able to meet a few folks who I’d only had Twitter interactions with previously, as well as re-connecting with some others.

Anyway, after the break are this week’s dozen plus links that I found on-line that seemed worthy of sharing with you:

• 5 High-Paying, Low-Stress Jobs

• Common Security Clubs offer the jobless a lifeline

• Jobless Americans collecting unemployment benefits continues to drop

• Interviews Suck.

• Job-Search Desperate Measures

• 4 Career Networking Tips That Work

• The Shy Job Seeker

• Is Your Functional Resume Keeping You Unemployed?

• Twitter chats – a great way to expand your network

• 20 Simple Twitter Tips for Your Job Search

• The Job Interview Culture Checklist: Seven Points To Evaluate In Your Next Job Interview

• 5 Pointless Job-Search Tactics

• 7 Items Employers Want to See on Telecommuters’ Resumes

I guess we’ll see what next week brings.  Again, if the Census gig was a real job I wouldn’t be spending every waking hour away from the office looking for a real job, but if I had a real job I wouldn’t be still focusing on (or being qualified to be) writing The Job Stalker either. These links have again been pulled together into an alphabetical listing in one ever-growing file, which you can download here:



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