Back on the radio ...

I’m always pleased to be invited back to the Chicago Now radio show over on WGN-AM on Saturday mornings.  Things have changed over there since I was last on, with Alex Quigley replacing Bill Leff, and (as I understand it, she was out of town this week), Amy Guth, of the Tribune’s book section, assisting on-air.


We had one listener call-in question, which was about the “safety” of giving over your personal info to sites like … of course, that’s part of the Tribune, so I’ve never had any doubts about using it, but the question did leave the door wide open for a discussion about “the bad guys”.  I wish I’d found this piece before the show (I read it later that afternoon and Tweeted the link to Alex) as that would have given me a lot of ammo for having a go at some of my least favorite job board scams!  However, the take-away should be that if they’re asking you to pay to see the listings, it’s probably a scam, and (as is detailed in that link) this is underlined by the frequent complaints that once these groups have their hands on your credit card info, there’s no way to get them to stop charging you every month for their “service”!

Anyway, one of the nice things about the Chicago Now program is that you don’t have to be hanging around the radio on Saturday morning to hear it, as the segments are edited out and set up as podcasts over on the site and can be accessed when- and where-ever via the computer.  My segment from this weekend is HERE.

Now, Mondays are usually when I do a “book feature” or “author interview” bringing you info on some book that has something to do with the job search (or at least my job search, which is much more into the whole Social Media sphere than I’m guessing most folks’ are).  Since this entry is pretty much just a “go listen to the radio show” plug, I figured I’d pass along some info on a book that didn’t quite “make the cut” for its own feature in here, but is a book that I found very worthwhile for those who are interested in the business of marketing in Social Media.  This is Jim Sterne’s Social Media Metrics (the link goes off to my full review), which is the most comprehensive thing I’ve seen on the subject.

I am, however, reading two books at the moment which will fit very well into the “mission focus” of The Job Stalker blog, and you’ll be hearing about those in the next couple of weeks.  In the meanwhile, do give that interview a listen!

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