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So … came this || close to there not being a “data dump” this week, and, as it is, this is pushing past a day beyond when I’d usually be passing along the week’s “best of” to you.  Why? Well, because the week was crazy (even beyond the insanity inherent in the 3rd shift schedule), and instead of my reading my vast lot of Twitter feeds, I was grabbing them as I could and saving most of them to my desktop … where I currently have 15 “batches” (generally the full run of 40 pages of 20 tweets that the Twitter web interface lets you collect) waiting to be read, some of which going back quite a while.  Each of these “batches” takes about 5-10 minutes just to get on screen, and represents 30-45 minutes at minimum to read.  As of Friday, I only had four links in the text file I keep for them, which made me think I’d just throw in the towel for this weekend and save those up for next week.  However, this being my one “real” day off (not beginning or ending with a midnight shift) I was feeling reasonably rested, and plowed though about five sets of 800 tweets, resulting in having a reasonable 10 links to pass along to you.

I was pleased over the past couple of days to have had two phone interviews (even though it meant that I didn’t get much sleep on either Thursday or Friday during the day), one for a project where I might be being brought in to consult on marketing a book, and one as a first interview (which I think went very well) on a communications gig with a non-profit organization.  As I was mulling over (in public, right here, of course) a while back, the Census gig can’t count for a “real job” since if I had a “real job”, I’d have free time and, being that I spend every waking hour not at the Census job in the on-going pursuit (or “stalking”, if one wanted to remain thematic) of a “real job”, that must mean that the Census job, despite taking up 10 hours of my day and producing a certain amount of cash flow, can’t be a “real job”.  Of course, when I do find a “real job”, I’ll be exiting The Job Stalker duties (and need to find a replacement, like Julie Wernau did before me), but I hope to be able to convince the Chicago Now powers-that-be to let me set up some new soapbox.

Anyway, after the cut are this week’s late, but accounted for, links:

So, there you have it … the best stuff of what Twitter reading I’ve managed to do this week!  As usual, these have been pulled together into the alphabetical listing of the big link file, which you can download here:


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