Well, THAT was interesting ...

So, things have been somewhat chaotic around The Job Stalker household, not least driven by the psychological blows that the three very promising interview situations of a couple of months ago all falling away one by one, and the ugly realities of the financial abyss relentlessly pressing in, have delivered.  Needless to say, the fact that I’m coming up on two years without any income is creating stresses above and beyond the baseline grind of spending 18 hours a day in the job hunt.

My “Twitter reading” was, for the first time in a long time, somewhat sporadic this week, as I kept having computer crashes (I still don’t my “good” computer fixed from its HD-death the end of December) which wiped away hours worth of accumulated and waiting-to-be-read posts, and not only was the volume of submitted resumes slipping (although I have gotten out 25 since Monday), but I realized on Wednesday that I didn’t have any links tucked away for this end-of-the-week feature!  

I was sufficiently perturbed by this that I did pull together another thing to feature today (which I’ll probably foist on you next Wednesday), however, there was a sudden rush of good pieces out there on the web yesterday, that over a 48-hour period I managed to scrape together nearly a dozen new things to bring you.

Frankly, this is a pretty good mix, with things focusing on LinkedIn and FaceBook, tips on resumes, cover letters, networking, and interviewing, and a very to-the-point piece on being “overqualified”, which is, of course, the bugaboo of my own search.  Enjoy:

• Seven Basics for Job-Hunting on LinkedIn

• Submit a Cover Letter, Whether You Need It or Not

• 5 Ways to Find Your Dream Job

• Are You Doing It Wrong? How to Make Networking Really Work.

• 7 Ways Your Resume is Just as Boring as Everyone Else’s

• Can a Recruiter Help You Find a Job Today? Odds Are, No!

• If It’s Not On Your Resume, It Doesn’t Exist

• Don’t Let Bad Advice Strangle Your Job Search

• 39 Most Popular Facebook Pages In The World for Job Search

• 6 Interview Mistakes To Avoid

• Overqualified? Turn it into an Advantage

Sometimes I really wish this blog got more comments … it’s sort of hard steering a  course through all this without any feedback.  While I’m assuming that my going through the effort every week to alphabetize the links, and amass them into an ever-growing main file to include here is useful to the folks who actually read this, I’m never sure if I’m just spinning my wheels for no good reason!  Anyway, said file is here: 


  with all the hundreds of links from the past several months!

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