The more things change ...

Well, in this case, they’re probably not going to be staying the same.  This Friday “data dump” is either likely to be much more limited, or be on an alternate-week basis.  Why? Well, I sort of have a job … “sort of” in that, had this been presented to me as a salaried position at the rate they’re paying, I’d have had to say “no” (it’s less than half of what I’d typically consider), but it’s money coming in, and it’s only for eight weeks.  Yes, you guessed it, I’m going to go be a Census Clerk for a couple of months.  It is for eight hours a day, five days a week, though, so it sure looks like a job otherwise.

Aside from the insufficient pay scale, one of the other “downsides” of this is that we’re not able to use the computers for anything “personal”, and we only get a half-hour “lunch” (I’m working 2nd shift, so it’s actually “dinner”), so I don’t have any options for running off to check Twitter from mid-afternoon to midnight.  Which means, of course, that there will be gaping holes in my Twitter reading (I’m guessing at least six hours per day), which will mean not only my missing a lot of job postings, but far fewer articles to bring to you here.  In the “good” column (aside from some money coming in), I have all morning every day to work my job search, go to interview, etc.

And, before you ask, no, I’m not the person writing Come To Your Census here on Chicago Now … which I was somewhat surprised to find (they are very hush-hush and privacy-fixated over there, and I’m sure that hasn’t been “officially sanctioned”).  Of course the combination of somebody already doing this and the restrictions means that I’m not likely to be making many updates about how that’s going!

Anyway, here’s the stuff culled from this week’s Twitter reading.  As you can tell, a lot of these came from one source, the series that the Wall Street Journal has been doing on the job search … they’ve featured a number of other pieces there as well, so click around once you’re over there!  The list’s below the cut …

• How to Find a Career Coach

• How to Find Recruiters in Your Niche

• How to Network Your Way to a Job

• How to Search for a Job Online

• How to Work a Career Fair

• How to Work With Executive Recruiters

• How to Write a Cover Letter

• How to Write a Résumé

• What to Say When a Recruiter Calls

• An Apology to All Job Seekers and Candidates

• Rays of Hope for Job Hunters

• The future’s 15 most wanted workers

• Networking Without Looking Desperate: 5 Rules

• Using Social Media to Find a Job

Once again, I’ve merged these into the ever-expanding “big list o’links” (which has been getting some notice of late as a “web resource” for the job search!) … the downloadable  file is here: 


  for you to save and click on as you need it.

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